Jay Carney

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    Resigning....replacement is Josh Earnest......

    It's amazing to me that Jay lasted this long....it's hard to keep tabs on all those lies your boss tells.
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    Here's a little about him......

    Early years[edit]
    Earnest was born in 1975 in Kansas City, Missouri, to parents Jeanne and Don Earnest. He attended the Barstow School, a private secondary school on a scholarship. He excelled in baseball and basketball. Earnest graduated from Rice University in 1997 with a degree in political science.
    Immediately following college, he worked in the 1997 Houston Mayoral Election for Lee Brown.[2] Earnest served as a congressional aide to Marion Berry from 2002-2003 after working on Michael Bloomberg's first mayoral campaign. He then joined Senator Obama's presidential campaign as Obama's Iowa Communications Director. He also later served as Obama's Texas Communications Director during the primaries.[3] He currently serves as the principal deputy press secretary to Jay Carney and occasionally fills in during press briefings. He hosts West Wing Week, the president's "video diary" of the week.

    Sounds like in the future, he could throw the first pitch at a ball game and not embarass us. (A pinch-pitcher for the pres.)
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    I think Jay's resignation was coming anyway, soon.....but they probably announced it today to soften the news of the resignation of the V.A. head.
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    And typically its on a Friday.
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    Andrea on The Five asked.......

    Who's the happiest guy in Washington D.C. today ???
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    I don't care who the President is:

    White House Press Secretary has to be one of the worst jobs in the world.
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    Well they were unable to get Donald Sterling to open his mouth and say something so it's not like they had a whole lot of choice here.
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