Jeff Bezos insists Amazon isn't trying to kill UPS

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    Jeff Bezos insists Amazon isn't trying to kill UPS - Recode

    "We're growing our business" with the USPS and UPS, he said in an onstage interview with Walt Mossberg.

    Bezos did, however, hint at another motivation: Getting better terms on delivery contracts with companies like UPS.

    "Better prices on transportation would be acceptable to us," he deadpanned.
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    Why would anyone think he's trying to hurt UPS? His only concern is being more profitable. If he's looking to hurt any business on purpose it is going to be his direct competitors. ie. Walmart, Target, etc.
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    Our margins on Amazon pieces is already razor thin; what does he think, that UPS will take a loss to keep their business?

    Maybe UPS, USPS, and FedEx should wave to him, say "good luck", and by the way, when you come back to us, you lost your discount, and see how he back pedals.
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