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    They're very open to losing money from what I've read on them. Going to be short lived if they keep that up.
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    Is this the online version of the magazine geared toward black men?
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    Pique your interest?
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  5. Orion inc.

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    Why? Amazon loses money every quarter. They're still here.

    I think this and Alibaba are going to give online E commerce a run for its money.
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    Who's the shipper for Jet?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Jet would be the shipper.

    Your question should ask who the carrier is.
  9. cosmo1

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    A piece on the news tonight said they plan to make their money from the membership fees.

    Who knows?
  10. cosmo1

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    Really, kind of not funny.

    I wouldn't expect that from you.
  11. Orion inc.

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    Costco does well with that too. Why not an online model of sorts? I could see this working.
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    His business plan is to profit solely on membership fees without taking any cut of products sold. This guy also created (which includes,, to name a few), and sold it to Amazon for $550 million. I think his racket is to create online retailers that take a piece of Amazon's market share until he's bought out. The guy doesn't even have to reach into his pocket, he's got investors wrapped around his finger.
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    The Jet's suck. Losers!
  14. Brownslave688

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    No that's not really his "racket" at all. He wasn't happy about selling to Amazon but they were going to put him out of business.

    Now he went and created Jet to take them on.