JFK 47 Years Later

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    Jesse Ventura on the day in Dallas!

    Will we ever know the full truth about that day? Probably not. At least not to some conclusion accepted by all. In the JFK movie was a scene in which the event was described as being, "It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. ..." .

    The room is filled with so much smoke that it's impossible to even see the fire much less feel it's heat and therein find the source of the flames and thus the beauty of it. Taking it to the extreme if you will, the one dies, a message is sent and all parties involved walk away clean and the public has a story to believe in. Any questioning whether legit or not is shouted down and thus the conspiracy if one exists continues. But the public does have to at some point ask themselves if the gov't has lied here or there in the public's opinion in order to gain power or other benefit, how far would they then go to maintain it, obtain it or protect it?

    It's not how JFK died that is the question, it's "would someone kill him to benefit?" Also look at the nature and structure of gov't before and then after and if that would have been possible had JFK lived? Therein may point to the truth and possible players involved!
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    I also believe that on the 75th anniversary -another twenty eight years there was supposed to be additional information that will be made to the general population.
    If this is in fact true we have to ask ourselves who gave that right to our elected government to keep any facts related to this event from us ? Did they claim National security ?
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    Good point and good question Island! Whose interest is being protected? We know Gulf of Tonkin and the reason for Vietnam was a lie via McNamara's own admission in "Fog of War" and then just recently released LBJ tapes from the White House where they knew Tonkin was a scam. As I said earlier, how far would they lie?

    Civilians (elected and appointed) manipulating and using political power to orchestrate foreign policy and our soldiers and officers for what end? Does this song have a familar ring to it?

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    Wow, this is like Obama's birth certificate scam...maybe in 50 years we will find out the truth...or maybe not....

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    Will we ever know the full truth about that day? Probably not. At least not to some conclusion accepted by all. In the JFK movie was a scene in which the event was described as being, "It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. ..." .

    This reminds me of the movie: "A Beautiful Mind".

    I just can't see the code, but I know it's embedded.... What's the relevance of the Bold words? Very interesting...some Al-Qaida comminique???

    We can't be sure....

    Cheryl: Please initiate a formal background and security check on wkmac and his wingman Lue C Fur.

    Interpol, Mossad, KGB and MI5 at a minimum

    Having fun at your expense Gents
    They may be innocent (or Not Guilty); but we need to be sure.
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    Has it really been 47 years?
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    We're getting old, UPSstate.

    Time either passes quickly or our period of retention is getting shorter!
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    We're getting old, UPSstate.

    I was only 2 in 1963..

    Time either passes quickly or our period of retention is getting shorter!

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    I was older and I remember the sorrow in my classroom when the Nuns told us.

    The second was rhetorical, but I suppose the latter is the primary cause.
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    It's the one event where everyone remembers where they were.....I was in a sophomore typing class, when the principal announced it over the P.A. system. No TVs in the classrooms back then.
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    I remember More. I think it was early-TV back then.

    We "connected" with JFK and before that; IKE. Brought them into our Living Rooms. My Parents had staunch political beliefs and the John Birch Society was everywhere where I lived. I recall they were very involved with the JBS, but later, I have no idea of the outcome.

    Those are just memories, so the accuracy is questionable
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    I was like about 5 and watching cartoons. I remember the related news and funeral stuff went on forever.
    Jesse Ventura, kind of a cook, but I watched his show, and feel he is a patriot. So I went and got Manchurian candidate, which I didnt get to watch, and men who stare at goats, and I think I get the jist.
    Mu hubby always takes the conspiracy things and breaks them down, til he makes a decision. I cant decide on JFK yet. Jesse made us think about some things, I hadnt. Ill let u know when I decide. Why are the records sealed for 25 more yrs? Why did everyone on the Warren commission become president?
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    In second grade, and my nuns were also crying.
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    It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!
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    It's funny my dad (in his early 80's) and I were talking about that day a few months back and we both were in the car driving from Athens Ga. to Anderson SC when the news broke over the radio and I remembered that event very clear. Somebody said "it's been 47 years!" and that was what my dad and I were so astonished at. WOW how time can fly.

    In 1992' when the JFK movie came out, free market economist Murray Rothbard wrote a piece about the movie and all the establishment hysteria that came from it and I think most here will remember that. As Rothbard correctly points out, the movie offered no new revelation at all but the hysteria did drive a point home that Rothbard asked in the closing paragraph and I have to agree is dead on the money!

    If the whole thing is so airtight, that Oswald was the "lone nut" we are told he was, then why not put it all to rest, once and for all?

    Of recent news although not unheard was Jesse Ventura's E. Howard Hunt angle and it's long been said of Hunt that way to begin with. Jesse does provide more footing for those who choose that angle. A year ago, Mass. College Professor Edward Curtin wrote a piece for GlobalResearch entitled, "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters"
    that covers a lot of ground as disclosed in the book by the same title written by James Douglas. Again, one could argue that it's just another angle but all these angles do seem to always somehow intersect at the same location and here are those streets. CIA, Cuba, Vietnam, Military, Joint Chiefs. Now all the other stuff, one might cast a non caring eye and be OK in doing so but when I look across the spectrum as all these ideas and theories and where they dissect from one another, they still all always intersect with one another on the above mentioned 5. Now when I look at history prior too and then history yet still after, 3 of those 5 end up always as major players in the direction of our gov't and where we often go and end up. Global events even can also be directly traced to 3 of these 5 and where there is smoke, there is heat and ultimately there is fire.

    And this gets back to Rothbard's assertion of just opening everything up so so Oswald and the whole establishment truth as being the only truth but yet who is the party(s) that keep all this stuff classified still? 3 of the 5 again? Hmmm?

    If a private entity or person(s) were doing this, they'd be guilty as hell in the eyes of the public yet it is private individuals who become public figures so why do public figures (former private individuals) get a pass when they act like private guilty parties?

    You also need to loose the illusion that when a person is choosen and enters public service/life, that they have some Damascus road experience and go through a major moral conversion thus making them above how would we judge and see them in the private world. It's another reason the same moral/ethical standards that are held and expected in private life also and even moreso apply and should be held to a higher level in public life. A gang of thieves and debased persons in the private world will be even worse in the public world because now they own the right of exclusive force and regardless of which political team you back, what do you all in common complain about being elected time after time after time? Think about it!