Jim Casey legacy dead

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    •1."The future of the package industry is in the air"

    Casey began an air service in 1928. The Depression made the company abandon the service. After WWII, Casey wanted a Next Day Service. The "new" leaders of the company decided 48 state ground service was more important.

    •2."A fair day's work for a fair day's pay"

    •3."Don't make company demands that border on harassment"

    •4."They are advised to constantly seek better, safer work methods."

    •5."Provide the best possible service for the least money."

    •6."Always promote from our own ranks"


    •7."No stock outside the company"

    •8."Treat your people well and the company will florish."

    •9."Stay close to your employees."

    •10."Personal pride and dignity are essential to each employee, without this management fails and the company will not prosper."
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    0 for 10. Cannot beats those odds.
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    this news flash is about 14 years old
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    Exactly ... at least 14 years.
    In retrospect, probably before that ... 1994 - 1995.
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    I'm sure most of it was BS while he was alive also.
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    First I thought this was a necro-post...

    Recycle your old newspapers!

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    Casey died on June 6, 1983 at the age of 95

    In three weeks, that will be 30 years ago

    1/3 of the company probably weren't even born when he was alive

    ​Makes those mission statements and quotes pretty ancient now, lol
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    His legacy died when they pushed him out of the door.
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    Where can I get a Jim Casey legacy plaque?
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    Who's Jim Casey?
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    your pay check brown monster
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    big Boobaba, even though we complained 30 years ago, it was a different Co. they cared or were forced to care about employies.
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    Wasit 1947 when Jim Casey asked the Teamsters to represent UPS employees?
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    1995 was 18 years ago. One third of the company wasn't alive 18 years ago?
    You do know you have to be 18 years old to work at UPS?
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    His legacy went out the door in 1999 when UPS went public. After that, all the company BBQ's, summer picnics, and other fringe bene's disappeared or at least started to. I'm sure it was better before my first day in 97, however even I have watched this company that used to give half a shat for it's employees lose the other half.
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    What Heff was stating (albeit indirectly) is that he thinks 1/3 of the UPS workforce is 30 years of age or less.
    That seems reasonable and maybe a bit low ... may be closer to 40%.
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    Why would FedEx employees want our union?
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    ​You want FedEx retirement benefits?