Jimmy Carter's Blood Drenched Legacy

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    Our former President most often cited for his humanitarian efforts also has a dark and blood soaked past to factor in as well.

    Jimmy Carter's Blood Soaked Legacy

    And one other myth concerning Carter that should be put to bed and that myth is perpetuated by both sides of the political isle for their own advantage. The myth goes something like this.

    "Ronald Regan was elected in 1980' and he brought in the idea of de-regulation of the economy."

    Not so fast, it wasn't Reagan who did thus, Reagan just picked up the ball and continued a policy already set in place by......you guessed it, Jimmy Carter.

    A Salute to Jimmy Carter, Deregulation's Hero

    So the next time a democrat plays the Reagan deregulation card or a republican extolls the wonder of Reaganite market economies, throw Jimmy Carter in both their faces.
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    Those two faced bastards!