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    I just became a utility driver and am on call, I also do Local Sort at night from 5:30 to whenever it all it done. I have a family and my wife is a stay at home mom which I like because she is always home with the kids. My problem is finding a job that is gonna work with this career choice, not sure if any of you have landed a job that works with always being on call, I am open for suggestions because I would like to make UPS my career.
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    I would suggest you go to your local employment service (not your state agency), such as Labor Ready or ETS, and you can work when you want, where you want. Keep in mind most of these jobs are minimum wage. This is winter so perhaps you could catch on with a snow removal company (shovel walks). During spring and summer you could catch on with a landscaping or lawn service company. Construction is another option. What's good about these is you may be able to work under the table. It is nice that you have the option of your wife staying at home with the kids but perhaps she could look in to part-time work when the kids start going to school. Her working part-time and putting the kids in to daycare would not make sense.

    When I was a casual I worked at a local grocery store stocking shelves from midnight-4 am and then at a auto parts store making deliveries. Both knew what my intentions were and both were very willing to work with me.

    Be upfront and honest with any potential employer as to UPS being your primary goal. Good luck.
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    You have all night to work. I know it does not sound like something you want to hear. And yes, it will be an awful long day the next day should ups call you in.

    Pretty much the majority of the posters here are or did work multiple jobs before we began our full time career at UPS. Some went to school and worked three part time jobs at the same time.

    Worked preload M-F from 4-8:30
    Went to school MWF from 10-4
    Tuesdays and Thursdays worked for a farmer 9-5
    Monday - Thursdays 5-11 worked at the pizza shop, Sundays 10 to close as well
    Monday to Thursday nights I would also work the hub at UPS 11-4 whenever I could, usually three days a week.

    Time with the wife, priceless. No kids at that time. Time for sleep? Dont remember.........

    That was my schedule for pretty much two years. If you want things bad enough, there is a way.

    As was posted though, be honest in your communications with your potential employers.