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    Im very interested in a part time package handler position but i live in Temecula, CA 92592 and all there is in the area is the customer service stores. Im having a hard time finding out what the closest place is that has package handler jobs. what is the closest place to me? Id rather not commute very far and ill just drop the idea if the drives gonna me much more than a half hour. I know very little about the company so I apologize if I didn't use common terminology.
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    There doesn't seem to be a good geographic search option on the website. Try:

    • 25283 SHERMAN RD
      ROMOLAND, CA 92585
    • 111 BINGHAM DR
      SAN MARCOS, CA 92069
    • 650 COMMERCIAL
      PALM SPRINGS, CA 92262
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    thanks i heard there was one in romoland but couldnt find evidence of it anywhere online.
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    The nearest UPS location to you that is hiring would be in Ontario. They have both an Air (Ramp) portion as well as regular package sort. There is a UPS facility in Temecula but I'm not sure how they go about hiring. Check as well for hiring information.