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Hey everyone,
I've been a lurker on this board since I started working for UPS in September. Let's just say I work in Colorado on the preload loading bulk trucks for a major mall and am a full time student. Well after a while I got sick of all the nonsense going on with management and their major concerns with numbers and not having any concern with employees at all. I know all about it, but didn't finally face it till I was permanently assigned to these trucks. Well I have a job offer with a major soda manufacturer as a merchandiser and was wondering if you had the option, would you take it? There are plusses and minuses and I'm pretty sure I'm going to work for the soda manufacturer, but just wanted to see if there was something I forgot that might sway my decision to the brown side.
Soda Distributor
$1.50 more per hour
All the soda you could ask for
Thirty hours a week Guaranteed hours
Work shift starts at 5 am instead of 230 am
Dont have to deal with multiple supervisors
Work in surrounding neighborhood where I live
No benefits like UPS
Health Benefit/ Ed
(Benefit packet finally came tonight)
Guaranteed Hours
Treated like slave
Thanks guys! Plus I'm truly amazed with what we all do day in and day out just to get that check at the end of the week. This job helped me to have an appreciation for the hard working people at UPS, but with the supervisor nonsense and a lack of being able to find a steward on my shift, its causing me to leave. I will probably be phoning in tomorrow morning to resign.
Take care all and good luck on peak.


It sounds like your best option.You are young and already jaded by the way ups is run.I hope things go better with coke.


Industrial Slob
the grass isn't always greener on the other end (anything that involves retail is never good, unless you deliver there, and as far as i know, the coke guys are responsible for merchandising, too), but if you're unhappy, the grass can only be greener.


Go ahead and make the move. The misery isn't worth it. If you're unhappy now you'll be more unhappy later. And like my Mom used to say..."If you are asking the question you already know the answer".