Jobs make good money?

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    From what I now right now with high school diploma you can:
    Dispatch semi trucks, for big companies: make from $800-$1,000 a week if you can cover 12-13 semi trucks daily.
    Work at Fedex Ground (where I work right now): make $750 a week.
    Restaurant servers: double shifts, some weeks :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, some weeks up to $900 in 5 days 40 hours!

    Put your reply of what you know! I think this would give all of us wider idea of whats out there!
    or if you are studying what you going for!
  2. vantexan

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    They reported on the dreaded FOX News last night that Canada has a shortfall of about 150,000 skilled workers, primarily in the oil sector. Canadian firms are holding job fairs in the States and many jobs pay as much as $150k a year. Welders are one of the skilled jobs mentioned. Showed an iron worker from I think Michigan talking about his experience, says he makes twice what he did at home. Some relocate but many workers send the extra back home. Sounds very much like what goes on with Latin Americans in the States. Another report I saw last week says that there are plenty of skilled jobs in the States that pay well going begging. Up to 10 million of them. But people aren't getting into jobs like plumbing. So if you are willing to get training you can do well. If you are 51 with health issues, having wasted your best years on a B.S. company, you are SOL.
  3. MrFedEx

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    Medical field is hot, but you need at least a 2-year degree. Sonographers, radiation therapists, nurses, CT scan technicians all make big bucks, but it's also very competitive getting into schools that offer the programs. I'd agree with vantexan on those with an HS Diploma...go for the trades. FedEx is a dead-end.
  4. Limper

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    Also, jobs ready now are the trades........welders, electricians, field service technicians. These jobs require some
    training, but provide excellent pay and job security.
  5. Nick9075

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    If you are 51 PERIOD you are SOL if you are unemployed or under employed.
  6. Nick9075

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    If you are say 25, then yes good idea. If you are over 40 you are SOL since you will be competing with fresh faced 20 somethings
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    I am taking the classes for the Journeyman electrician license in Massachusetts. I am probably one of the few contractors that has a college degree but I haven't worked consistently in my field (accounting) so I am basically unemployable in that field and also due to my age -- 38 in June which means that it will much harder for me to find any type of entry level position as an electrician when I am competing with 19 year olds just out of high school

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Becoming an apprentice in a trade such as electrician has less to do with age than it has to do with knowledge. In fact your age would be an asset in that field. I took some tests for another trade and I can tell you the 30-40 year olds far outnumbered the younger set. The younger generation just is not as interested in the trades as they have been in the past.
  9. Nick9075

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    What part of the country is this in ? it certainly not like this in the Boston area where there is alot of nepotism, cronyism and hiring by family connections (father gets son job in the union type of thing)..

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    California. I'm sure there is some of that here as well. But if you go through the union you just have to be willing to put in your time as an apprentice. Usually a 5 year program and you usually start at around 50% journeyman wages and get a raise every 6 months. It's a tough program of work and school but worth it in the end when you could be making $40-$50 an hour. During the recession there wasn't much work in new construction and anyone in the trades was hurting. But now it is slowly coming back.
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    On indeed there are a total of 8 jobs in tbe the state of Massachusetts posted in the past 30 days and I think the ibew in boston is very closed and secretive preference goes if you are irish and from either south boston or Charlestown think the Mark Walburg type. I want to know where all these jobs in the trades are that I keep hearing about and on radio talk shows like night side with dan rae callers always talking about these high paying jobs in the trades that they cannot fill

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    I know in the Bay Area there is a lot of new construction going on but it is the tech center of the country. Downside is cost of living is sky high but the pay is probably higher than $50 an hour. You might need to be willing to relocate to get in that field.
  13. klein

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    I don't mind my current job, but it's on and off, because it's all sub-contracted out to us.
    I started out with Tassimo (Bosch), then went on a few weeks later to Homedepot, just finished Shoppers Drugmart (like a Walgreens in the US), and will do a re-line at Walmart in May.
    Besides that, I'm working every weekend for Diegeo (owner of Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Sterling Wines, Smirnoff and more), doing liquor sampling at a variety of stores.

    I don't need to work hard, dress in black dress pants and shoes, work in an a/c environment, etc.
    They even pay for travel time and km's driven, which I find is a huge bonus (you work over 8 hrs and travel time automatically becomes OT, too).
    Then the last week out of those 4 weeks I worked at Shoppers, was all out of town. Those days paid beween $350 and $375 net pay, due mostly to higher travel time and milage (paid at 38 cents/km tax-free).

    Now, I'm trying to become a Labatts sales person thru the same company, it's even better - they supply a new vehicle, pay registration, insurance, maintainence and even the gas.

    If not I'll be contracted out to Walmart in May (same pay).

    To put my pay in perspective, I earned over $3400 net-pay in the past 3 weeks at Shoppers, plus over another $1000 for the past 3 weekends, since they had to pay OT rate for those, too.

    But, now sitting at home waiting for a call to get a Monday-Friday job again. Seems I do have a good chance to do Kraft products soon, though, since that manager already contacted me - but we shall see. (I turned him down the first time - was a slight pay cut and cut in hrs, too).
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    Hey man trying to get started in the jourymen linemen process as well in mass. I know it's a little late but stumbled upon the thread in the search. Curious to know what it's like. Anyways I sent you some messages in your profile to find out more hope I can get some feed back thanks.:salute:
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    A prevailing wage job in SF for a plumber doing build out in high rise is $85 per hour
  16. Artee

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    Look into water treatment/distribution. Pays well the further you go. You can get your level 1 and 2 before being employed from your local community college. Some even offer online classes.
  17. brettskiee

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    Jeez that's a lot but makes sense with SF being such booming city with the tech going on right now.
    I just recently was looking at koch industries because I saw some commercials on TV for something similar but of course my previous employment didn't match there job posting.
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    Nothing like a tired old thread way off the rails.
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    Fedex ground makes,$2.98 an hour.
  20. Cactus

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    They must have got that raise.
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