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    Has anyone ever replaced the drive belt on a John Deere 125 riding mower? (not the mower deck belt but the drive belt). The dealer says its a 3 hour job (I find that hard to believe) but I can't find any videos on YouTube or anywhere else that shows how its done. I have all the time in in the world, a great workshop and tools up the wazoo but would like to know what I'm getting into before I start. Some things are worth bitting the bullet and letting the dealer deal with it (especially if special tools are needed). Any help would be appreciated.
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    Just remember the Brown Cafe is your "aggregate" source of info. on all things........just a wealth of knowledge and know-how.
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    I delivered to an aggregate place before. It looked more like a gravel quarry to me.
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    The wife maintains her JD's so an old fart like you should have it down easy. :funny:

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    Sounds like you've got it under control, but if I may add.
    Do yourself a favor & take pix of the belt routing before you start.
    ​thats saved me some trouble in the past when installing new belts on a mower
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    Taking a picture applies to lots of jobs. When I clean out my curio cabinet......wash everything. I want it to be arranged like I had it and the picture helps, because I never remember where everything goes..

    Same with Xmas lights outside. Sorry about the derailing but I had to stress that great idea.
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    Would your wife like to come to Mn. and fix mine? Then I could just go have a beer. Its funny how the older I get the less motivated I become.
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    One thing she did find out is that the oil filter for her small tractor and her car use the exact same inlet thread and diameter. So she uses the longer car filter on the tractor to have more filter surface.