John Edwards Wants to Hijack Memorial Day

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, May 26, 2007.

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    Isn't he running for President?

    That's the message from former Sen. John Edwards, whose website is urging people to crash Memorial Day ceremonies and parades with anti-war protests. He's even asking people to take pictures of it all and post them to his website. What nifty souvenirs!
    We're still waiting for the media outrage over this hijacking of a sacred day to honor the war dead.

    This is the most absurd suggestion I have ever heard of from a politician. I'm just about speechless. And that doesn't happen very often.
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    More proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Maybe next year he'll push for a national "Pro-Choice" rally on Mothers Day.
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    What a maroon.

    I'm sure this will end any chance he did have to become president.
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    John's chances were slim at best. Can't trust those personal injury attorneys.....too much like used car salesmen.

    Given enough rope, all the "idiot" candidates, both Dem. & Rep. will hang themselves. With so much time between now and the elections, someone will likely pull an "Imus". It's the self-elimination process that I enjoy the most.
  6. Yeah! Doesn't he know that Mothers Day is already anti-war?
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    Hope he finds himself at one of the parades, where they good, on both sides, drive the protestors out enmass. That is almost as bad as picketing at soldiers funerals. Speechless also. Memorial Day is not a day for politicians to campaign, its a day for all to Remember.
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    Ah, Good old John Edwards..

    He also came out earlier this week and likened the phrase "Global War on Terror" to a political statement worthy of a bumper sticker.

    I guess he wasn't bright enough to realize that he himself had used that very phrase on more than one occasion in the past.

    I would have to say the correct term would be FLIPFLOPPER!!:lol::lol:

    I don't think he needs anymore rope. Consider him hung!:wink:
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  9. Moreluck,

    Thanbks for the link:

    There are great ideas there, like:

    Send our troops a taste of home. Go shopping with your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and buy a whole bunch of stuff that would make a soldier happy to receive (check for restrictions). Then go through a site like,, or to send your package to a soldier in Iraq. Take photos and tell us about it.

    Gather in public. On Memorial Day weekend, get your friends, kids, co-workers, neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, and anyone and everyone you know together to publicly support the troops and end the war. If you hold an event on Memorial Day itself, please make sure that everyone you gather knows it is a day for honoring the fallen only. Be sure to check with your local authority for any permits you need for public gatherings. Contact local media to publicize your event. Before you get started, please take a moment of silence to honor the fallen. And during your event, make sure you conduct yourself respectfully—both for those serving in Iraq and the memory of the brave servicemen and women that Memorial Day honors.

    Greet a vet. Before Memorial Day Weekend gets started, get in touch with the Yellow Ribbon Fund and volunteer to provide welcome-back services and mentorships to injured soldiers returning home.

    Help an injured vet. Before Memorial Day Weekend gets underway, contact your local VA Hospital and learn how you can volunteer. Tell us about it.

    Too bad the posters here are so negative they can't grasp the positive.
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    Saying "I suppor the troops but not the war" Is an idiotic statement at best. That would be like somone saying that they support a certain NFL team but they hate football. Going to a Veterans Day parade or other event and advertising that you are against the war is like saying "Thanks for nothing guys!" It sends mixed signals to the vets. Mostly negative signals.
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    Will you volunteer to be my mentor :)?
  12. I'd love to, but I'm not allowed to play with you folks.
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    It might violate the commandment against bearing false witness, but WorldNetDaily ignores that commandment a lot.

    I watched the video and performed a cursory search of, and I did not find Edwards "...urging people to crash Memorial Day ceremonies and parades with anti-war protests". I saw him encouraging people to create their own gatherings. Yes, that is hijacking Memorial Day, trying to turn it into honoring troops that aren't yet casualties.

    More like saying "I support the players but I do not support football". The troops are people.

    But it supports the vets who are against this "war":
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    He is a lawyer after all, and they can be slick but...

    Did he really think that this how a person goes about scoring political points?

    Wanting to bring the troops home is not disrespectful, but

    Capitalizing on the National Holiday that honors those who gave the ultimate sacrifice?

    I never gave the guy much of a thought until now and the only thing that comes to mind is ... what a pitiful maroon.

    But his a** is in a sling now, along with Karisma Kerry, who was kind enough to enlighten the rest of us with the fact that only the poor and the uneducated go into the military....

    I'm sure that Pat Tillman's family, among others, hold statements like that close to their hearts...

    So much ignorance, so many liberals, not enough time...
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    I think that the reason John Edwards needs those four hundred dollar haircuts is because his gets so messed up chasing those ambulances.............:ohmy:
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    These websites are a bunch of chicken crap!

    1. The first website's first line of their statement of purpose..

    Veterans Against Iraq War is a coalition of American veterans who support our troops but oppose war with Iraq or any other nation that does not pose a clear and present danger to our people and nation.

    Since when does the terrorist breeding ground of Iraq not pose a threat??
    And don't tell me it was fine before we went in, because it wasn't, unless of course you would rather be fighting them here.

    2. Your second website:
    • Immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces in Iraq;
    • Reparations for the destruction and corporate pillaging of Iraq so that Iraqi people can control their own lives and future; and
    • Full benefits, adequate healthcare (including mental health), and other supports for returning servicemen and women.
    *Yes, immediate withdrawal makes perfect sense---NOT!
    *Reparations for all that destruction...Perhaps you haven't heard of all the rebuilding..How about the fact that they don't want us to leave yet?? We could abandon them like you'd like but that just doesn't sit well with most people who have common sense. Oh, that's right you're in line with the liberal media and they've got it all right...duhhh!! Perhaps Clooney and Rosie can give you a few more tips on how to win the war on terror.


    I'm sorry I can't bring myself to address anymore such weakness.

    Damit the liberals own defeat and parade around in it till they're blinded even more..

    Surely you can do better than this!!!:closedeye
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    I found these websites - they are not mine.

    I suggest your argument is with those veterans who are espousing "chicken crap", those veterans whom you label as weak, Liberal, defeatist, blind, lacking common sense, pawns of Rosemary Clooney (or summat), those veterans who you think welcome terrorists to the U.S.A.
  18. brazenbrown

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    Yes you found them and used them to inspire us to cut and run. What a nobel undertaking on your part.:cool:

    My difference of opinion was expressed after looking at the websites you chose to express your point of view. I found their messages, not some of the misguided souls on them to be hurtful to the majority of the good men and women doing their best to protect us.:thumbup1:

    Nearly 3 million members on this website.

    The American Legion

    At this moment, America’s finest young men and women are serving in harms way on our behalf in places thousands of miles from our shores. In Iraq, they liberated oppressed people. In Afghanistan, the Philippines, parts of the Middle East and even here at home, they are preventing another Sept. 11. In over 130 countries, the U.S. military is finding and eliminating terrorists committed to destroying our way of life. As crucial as these operations are, however, America’s service personnel find their strength in the unfailing support of family, friends and the nation they serve.

    Your Support would help too!!:thumbup1: