Journalist looking for Amazon DSP drivers / ex drivers

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm a journo at a major publication (i.e. you know us) seeking to write an honest account of what it's like to drive for an amazon DSP and how that compares / contrasts with driving for UPS (and others).

    This isn't about trashing the company and its contractors -- plenty of news reports have already done that. It's about what it's /really/ like for folks who do this job -- including both those who like it and those who don't, and everyone in between.

    If you're at all interested in helping others understand your world, by talking on background (that means I can't cite you anywhere in any context, it's just for my education) or anonymously/pseudonymously, or even under your own name, I created this secure email inbox, just drop me a line:

    [email protected]

    again, happy to talk to anyone and it doesn't have to lead to any quotes or anything, at this point I'm just trying to understand your world better
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    whats it pay?
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    sign me up

    I’ll give up the dirt
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    Why not get a job there? Pretty sure they are hiring, they got 100,000 electric vans on order from that company that has 3 employees and has made one demo car
  7. the pay is awful at first, the hours are bad... then after like 15-20 years if you work your ass off it's great :)
  8. that's tv journalism, aka "journalism" and I try to stay away from it
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    Do physical labor?

    Surely you jest!
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    So true, what a publicity stunt, Rivian has nothing in production after a decade.
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    I was a public school teacher not too long ago. During the summer I would work for a small company contracted by Amazon. It was a mess to say the least. Dropped my job in the classroom the day I qualified as a UPS delivery driver. I’m already making twice what my local school district paid me and I’m not even top rate. So.. Yeah, that’s the biggest difference, MONEY!