July 1, 2010

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    On July 1, 2010 I will be making a call to the UPS Employee Concern Help Line.

    The reason for this call is to address the disparity of safety equipment provided UPS drivers, helpers, and any management person who may have to ride with a driver. I am delaying the call so I can post my intentions here on the Brown Cafe so that anyone reading this can have their facility mentioned in the call if they want. Private message me and I will mention your facility in this call if you desire to have your facility mentioned.

    The items that will be mentioned in the concern are the shoulder harness seat belt accessory, the high back bucket seats, and the back/head rest for the jump seat.

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    Don't waste your time that phone # is bull s** t they don't care it's irrelevant. The only thing they care about is using it to get management in trouble and sweep it under the rug it's a waste of TIME.
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    Not this again.....
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    At least he did not sound holier than though this time.
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    Why does that sound familar???????.........Oh yea, it's my next vacation. SWEET!!!!
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    To All Concerned Parties,

    I have posted my draft of the call to the UPS Help Line that I will be making on July 1, 2010 in my blogs.

    I have posted this in advance so that if anyone would like to have your facility mentioned in this concern you would have the opportunity to do so. Private message me if this is your desire, and I will be more than happy to include your facility.

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    Looks like pe pro went back to his integrity ID. notice how its always PE type issues for integrity?
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    July first is the begining of the Lebron James free agent tour.
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    I don't see the connection, this time integ's post is about driver safety///not building matters. Just saying.
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    july 1st will be a good day, we get a 40 cent raise and the law goes into affect allowing you to bring your gun to work no matter what your employer says
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    call them for me and say "help,i've fallen and i cant get up"!

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    AND, on July 2, 2010 people still won't care about you or your concerns..........
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    You gotta be kidding me! The help line is a crock. I recently called in about the sleeves, what a lie. It's great when you can call the line, get no help, and then have the case closed. It must be UPS magic. You'd do better to just fly on down there an drop a big one on a certain sidewalk in Atlanta. You may actually get a response if you do! :angel: :poop: