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    Last page has "Ask Mike".

    I have to laugh at his answer to the second question. He says,"Drivers...will be empowered to make decisions" That will never happen in my center.

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    So then why are they telling us that we have to deliver the packages in the order they are listed in the diad? If we are too stupid to figure out the shortest and best way to deliver our route, then how are we ever going to be smart enough to be allowed or empowered to make any decisions?

    Unless they hire some more IE guys to study how me make decisions. I figure by the time I retire UPS will have 4 IE guys and two full time sups just for me and my route. And the support personel needed to keep everything running.

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    Dannyboy, I usually think for myself too, but have you ever tried to out-think a computer? The regular driver on a route may beat the computer some of the times (depending on the calculations the programmer made) but for the average guy the computer wins hands down. There are too many iterations on a route plan for a human to do to come close to beating a computer.

    Try using a car's navigation system,on mine the computer taught me new ways to get to work!
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    The computer is only as good as the input data and from my experience with UPS the accuracy of input data at UPS is pretty shaky.

    Most centers operate every single day with tons of roads not on the charts.

    Also many loops have been designed to cross bridges that have been out for decades and go across "proposed" roads that were never developed.

    Computers cannot think at all, only process data.

    The accuracy of the data is everything for the success of anything computerized.
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    The normal decisions made by the average UPS man in the course of his day, are well beyond the ability of our computers. We consider more than just addresses, but which route is fastest, what time of day is best for this customer, traffic blockages and the like.
  6. A computer will never beat a human , when non ponderable events occur, as a driver and "service provider" you still have to deal with the unexpected, an accident, road closure, early close, construction, and usually late dispatch or error by management. The computer is good if everything runs smoothly, but one glitch and your computer will overheat and burn out. Also in my opinion computers are only as smart as the person inputing the data, ever see a data technician on the road???
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    HAd a discussion with the supperviser the other day. HE asked why I was taking the 4 lane from one pick up stop to another about 5 miles away. The way I was going was about 8 miles at a speed of 55-65 MPH, but all four lane with only one redlight and one interchange. The short way involved 6 redlights, 25-35 MPH zones and 49 intersections. All at 3:50-4PM, rush hour for Eastman employees leaving the plant which is on the edge of the travel path both ways.

    YEah yeah yeah, the shorter way is usually the best. But the safest and fastest is the four lane, by about 6-7 minutes. But for me the big winner here is safest. How will your computer make that decision? One that varies from day to day, hour to hour. There is only so much "If this then that, or if this and that then something else needs to occur" that you computer guys are willing to put into the system.

    As for your computer teaching you new ways to get to work, sorry you need the help. After 31 years, I can get there in record time each day every day all by my self.

    You really have a hard time accepting that even in chess, humans can and will allways beat the computer the majority of the time. Only with limmited minds and a limmited understanding will the created be better than the creator. Machines can do things faster and more economical in some cases than humans. But thinking and responding to what is going on around you is not one of them. That is why I am out there hustling packages instead of the deluxe version of R2D2.

    And no matter how you want to sugar coat the facts, that is reality.

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    Danny:when time studied did you take the 6 mile route or the 8 mile route.
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    8 mile route he did take. You see it rained all day, thus cutting the dirt road he normally uses out of the picture. Try again.
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    What exactly is a "supperviser"???
    Does it have to do with vices at supper, like putting your elbows on the table?
    I know that my SUPERVISOR had us in half-hour early the day we started with the D4.
    Most everyone in my center under the age of 35 loves it. Its windows based, and very intuitive.
    Oh yah, it has GPS, so the deadweight will finally be rooted out!!
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    Actually these pickups were not even on the route when I bid them, they were on other routes. Fact is when they were last timestudied, both of these pickups were on other routes. It seems that since I decided to bid on a route instead of cover, I have inherited quite a bit of work. An 8 hour day with the miles and volume for the last driver was 65-70 stops delivery and 6 pickup. The driver at the time only averaged 2 1/2 hours overtime each month. Usually I have 115-140 stops delivery and 16 pickups, including three customer counter pickups that he did not have, of which one is a UPS store. As a result, I am usually the LDI in our center.

    The way I look at it, the route is not even close to what it was when it was time studied, so that should not have a bearing on the discussion. The pickups that I make used to be made by others that are still much closer than I am, but because of politics have been shifted to me.

    Never have figured out why, when you have a driver go right by within 4 blocks, why I have to drive that far to make the pickup.

    So tell me, how does the computer adjust the dispatch for the driver when there is politics and management bias and stupidity that is involved? Not to mention revenge.

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    Another newby unregistered "guest"

    Probaly another infliltrater that isnt even a driver. Giving an opinion in disneyland about a half hour training period.

    God love you if you are under 35, but thats not the problem.
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    my intuitive logic tells me monte is back as browntrash. so where do I stand? I'm 35. Speaking of dead weight...Does this mean all in I.E. will be done away with. Does the management team who are dead weight have a tracking device placed on them too?

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    Ah your fine words give you away. As my mamma used to say, you can take trash out of the can, clean it up, put a new face on it, and when you get done all you still have is trash.

    The way I figure it, you are either Bs or you have not worn the uniform long enough to use the handle of brown trash.

    And with the tired old fingers on this old decrepid keyboard that I have had since you were still a greasy spot in yo daddy's britches, I think I do fairly well.

    As for all the young guys that are under 35 and love it, good for you.

    Knockem dead kid.

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    windoze based.

    That means it's slowed down by a ton of resource eating bloatware, freezes and crashes a lot.

    Great, just great.

    Ah well, the driver's needed a fresh challenge now that the standards have been put completely out of reach. [​IMG]
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    They keep it up, I'll be DEAD weight, but mostly just dead. 11.5 today. And they had people laid off.