July 4th 2009

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    I am a part time supervisor on the midnight shift. Since Independence day was on a Saturday, we did not get a day off, but the twilight sort did. From what I understand, the non management employees received extra pay for that day since we did not get a day off. I kept hearing rumors about what they were going to do for the supervisors, such as give us an extra discretionary day to use, or pay us now and then give us a non-paid day off later, but that never happened. At UPS nobody seems to know any definite information, so I am coming to you guys to see if anyone knows the answer to this. I keep asking my fulltime supervisor but I keep getting the same answer... that she doesn't know.
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    The usual procedure in this case for mgmt is to get another day off in compensation. I didn't do it myself, but most did.
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    You should have gotten another day off. Keep asking.
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    There are a set number of holidays at UPS in the US. When a holiday falls on a non-work day all mgt employees have a choice of when to use this day with mgt agreement. That is a standard policy.
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    Part-Time supervisors were given an extra discretionary day.

    In PTRS you code yourself as scheduled off, but in the comments field you put in "July 4th option day" and they should pay you for it.

    Or that's how it worked in region 6 district 12.
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    Thats funny. I am also in region 6, district 12. Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! I don't want to be shafted out of an extra day off because of misinformation.
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    Make sure you get a Monday or Friday too. That makes it sweet!.