Junior's Western Conf. VP Cheats in Delegate Election & Election Sup Orders New Election!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Son of Sam, Apr 24, 2016.

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    The Rick M Slate has officially lost its appeal over the rigged Local 572 Convention Delegate election.

    On April 20, the Election Appeals Master upheld the findings of the Election Supervisor that the Middle**n Slate took illegal campaign contributions from employers, used union resources to campaign and teamed up with employers to suppress members’ rights.

    Rick tried to block a new vote from being held by claiming it would cost his local $45,000, but he failed to change the outcome of the Election Appeals Master's findings. Ricky M cheated and the members have won the right to vote in a clean, supervised, secret-ballot election. New ballots will be mailed on Tuesday, May 3.

    Junior, Ron H and the rest of the Western Conference delegates are enraged Ricky M got popped and Teamsters United has a chance of winning the 13 delegates allocated to 572. If the Teamsters United 572 slate who lost the rigged election by 29 votes wins this time around, the opposition will for the first time since 1996 reach the delegates needed to nominate the Western Conference candidates.

    Ricky Ms cheating tactics will cause his brothers in the West to get off their lazy hinds and campaign if they want to continue receiving another salary and pension contribution. Everyone in the West is pointing the finger at the cheating VP for his criminal tactics.
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    I guess that makes up for the spanking.... TDU took in Local 104.

    Arizona is happy with AM, and being a part of the winning H&H team.

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    What was the count?
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    It was a slaughter
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    AM 611-532 spread
    TU 457-408 spread
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    AM won. That's good enough for me.
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    Teamsters United loses again. That's all I see.
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    2 to 1 is a slaughter.
    55% is a win, yet worrisome for an incumbent officer.