jurisdiction after you punch out?

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  1. itzamcid

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    Hello i wish to get every input possible.

    i'm a reg p/t hub worker. Here is my problem i had punched out of work, while exiting the securiy shack to clear the metal detector, i pulled the spare change out of my pocket .15 cents and a small piece of weed that was flat not even in a baggy, that i even didnt realize i had . i wore the same shorts the day prior too, (and no i had not been around weed the day prior). i thought it was accumulated lint in my pocket. so i pulled out everything. till the security. noticed and yanked it out my hands. and took me up to the head (security guards/Loss prevention) once they came in they said i could resign or go take a fitness for duty test. i could not stay and take the fitness for duty test i told them i was already punched out and that we will talk later when we i have better union represantation but that i have to go take care of business i have. im not a child, i have other responsiblities and times i gotta keep. but i retuned to work the next day to be tested, i really couldnt belive they got crazy over a lil lil itty bit piece of weed. but yeah they told me i had been fired and that if i didnt leave they would call LAPD. how much jursdiction does a job have over you? i understand if they would of caught it when i was coming in and got checked. 7yrs in the company wooohhhh.

    UGGGHHH im jealous of UPS hubs w/o security shacks. also i do not show up high to work i actually work hard and do what i gotta do.

    so what do you all think? can they keep me against my will after i had punched out what kind of human rights do we have. these guys seem like the police, its not i lke i stole something from w/in
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  2. MonavieLeaker

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    You shoulda been fired.....Next time check your pants for drugs
  3. barrycold

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    your done. You can only blame yourself.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    :sweating: screwed, blued and tattooed... good luck
  5. some1else

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    i would have called lapd and said you saw the security gaurd with weed :)

    but really if they fired you because you refused to take a fitness for duty test (not just because of the drugs) you have a good chance. if you are not being paid; you cant be forced to stay. talk to a steward; THEY WERE YOUR ROOM-MATES PANTS YOU PUT ON BY ACCIDENT AFTER ALL!!!
  6. cachsux

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    One you should have requested representation,two if they decide to pull you back in the building and keep you then you also inform the steward when they arrive and have yourself put back on the clock.

    Plus,while you should have stayed,did they perform a test on said "weed"? Or was it remnants of you mowing your Grandma`s lawn the day before?
  7. Indy135

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    most security guards dont have arrest or detain powers, i did some security back in the day.....they cant FORCE you to stay, but if u leave, u are definitely gonna get fired..actually your gonna get fired either way

    good job....nobody to blame but yourself
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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  9. soberups

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    I would file a grievance. You very well may have accidentally put on your roommate shorts by mistake. There is no proof that you were unfit for duty or high on the job.

    As to the original question; if I am in a hurry to get home I will walk thru the metal detector without taking the time to empty my pockets. I am not on the clock and the guards are not management, therefore in my eyes they have no authority over me at tht point. I have had them try to stop me or use the wand on me and I politely tell them "no thank you" and keep on walking.
  10. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    That will get you a quick trip to the security office at our building. While the security personnel are not mgmt they are there to make sure you don`t walk out with anything you shouldn`t have. If the metal detector doesn`t go off,keep walking. But if it does you better be prepared to stop. Here they`re backed up by off duty cops carrying real guns so despite how much you dispute their authority the "give them crap" factor is very low. I have seen people,drivers included, get cocky and get a nice chauffeured ride down to the police dept. One part timer got a rather vigorous ass beating one night because he thought he could swing at will at the "mofos who can`t tell me what to do".

    In all truth the security folks we have are ok once you get to know them and show them a little respect considering they don`t make anything near what you do.
  11. evilleace

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    You should be fired for having drugs on UPS property. If you want to be a responsible adult like you claim you are then you shouldn't do drugs at all and definitely shouldn't bring them onto UPS property 7 yrs. is a long time to kiss goodbye for a little weed.

    As far as jurisdiction goes I think they have the jurisdiction to keep you for something like that also for refusing to take the test and leaving then you would for sure be in trouble for that, requesting the union representation was a smart thing to do but leaving was not.
  12. sortaisle

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    Your priorities are all f'd up. Buh-Bye. I hope that lil bit a weed was worth 7 years of your career. Sorry, your former career.
  13. itzamcid

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    the thing is DONT tell me i need to do a FITNESS FOR DUTY test after i have punched out and have done a hard days work. maybe when i returned to work (like i did) give me the FITNESS FOR DUTY. i aint no chump i aint gonna get pushed around and if that caused me to get discharged then more power to me. if your principals are more important than money you are wise, rather than money being your principal you are just another sheep in the flock getting pushed by the man. and if the UNION cant fight this..... where is the union power?

    as for the people saying ,nobody to blame but yourself. i was never blaming anybody else or looking to blame anybody else. ayyyy! i was just asking what people thought about it or what would someone do in this situation. the same or different? given the situation where you had to be somewhere right after you get out of work and its important.

    and to the person saying
    "If you want to be a responsible adult like you claim you are then you shouldn't do drugs at all and definitely shouldn't bring them onto UPS property" :censored2::censored2::censored2:? doing drugs has nothing to do with being a responsible adult. a responsible adult doesn't drug ABUSE.
  14. itzamcid

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    uhhh OKKK you think for 7 years ill i have been doing is p/t work and smoke weed the rest of the day? hahaha my day just gets started after the pre-load shift. jerk! if priorities were lowering yourself or standing tall. what would i choose? what would you choose?

    thank GOD for assets and no retirment plan.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Whatever--you have a lot of growing up to do.

  16. MonavieLeaker

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    Yeah youre right a responsible person doesnt abuse..and a responsible person also checks their pants for drugs
  17. evilleace

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    Right responsible people do drugs and irresponsible people mess up their lives with that crap. I will have to keep that in mind. You may be an adult in years but not maturity.
  18. itzamcid

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    HAHA. you have alot of growing up to do. you are talking about union not defending me. UNION has a fiduciary duty to very member. and who sets the rules for principles? i will presume you will lower yourself. im ok im not hurting:peaceful:

    I would think that everyone else here would not be using but if they were they would at least be smart enough to make sure it is not on our person when we go to work.

    hey admit it i had little crumb in my pocket. its not like i had a whole baggy. you wouldnt even get HIGH off that lil bit i had. thats the reason i posted this post. if i would had a baagy and got caught i wouldnt of posted this. come on man GROW UP!
  19. itzamcid

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    im not a habitual weed user, why would i bother checking my pockets everyday for drugs? i wore the same shorts the day prior also but like i said b4 i wasnt around drugs that day etheir. that piece i had most likely went through a wash cycle also. come on man stop trying to retaliate.
  20. itzamcid

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    who is talking about messing up lives? matuirity to what standard?
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