jury duty days?

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    does anyone know how many days we're paid for jury duty?
  2. rod

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    all of them
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    You actually must use personal time (sick/personal and/or vacation days) to serve on a jury and you have to give back the $45/day that they pay you.
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    I was on a case a couple of years ago for six days and I got paid for all of them, however three were on one check and three on another.
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    all of them
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    Wow, you get 45 a day to serve, where i'm at you get 10 a day plus mileage. What a rip off:surprised:
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I was just being a smart ass with the OP. Yes, we get $45/day but must give that back in lieu of getting $228.40/day. Mileage is paid but I live 1 mile away from the court so that won't even buy a Pepsi.

    I last served about 3 years ago for 3 days. The case was a joke and wasted 3 days in the lives of the jurors and everyone else involved. That doesn't matter--it was a nice 3 day vacation from UPS and we all know how nice those are.

    The gig that you want is Grand Jury duty. You have to report for a few days each month for as long as that grand jury is convened.
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    This town is so small, that, when called for jury duty:

    1: I was a witness to the collision that invloved a death.

    2: When called as a witness, I knew one of the jurors.

    3: One of my customers was in the jury pool with me.
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    Sounds like Mayberry....although I was looking at Stuart Fla. on Google Earth yesterday, doesn't look like it
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    What, no pictures?? I guess you will not find that funny coming from me.:peaceful:
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    I am currently sitting on a Grand Jury in my state. I have to be off 1 day a month for 18-22 months. UPS is thrilled about this. They wanted me to skip Decembers session and I said sure, If you like the U.S Marshalls to come and arrest you for comtempt of court. UPS has to let you off and they must pay you minus what you are paid for jury duty. Its the law and its in the contract.
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    LOL, I actually did.:happy-very:
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    Yea we'd expect the 25 8X10 color photos with pictures and arrows and an explanation on the back
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    Seeing the different answers I guess it depends on what state or region your in. Im in Southern Cali. I looked in the Contract and Supplement but found nothing regarding jury duty.
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    Massachusetts doesn't pay you anything for the first 3 days. After the 3rd day they'll pay you $50 per day. The Commonwealth says that for the first 3 days your employer must pay you at your regular rate for work hours missed. The contract says you get 4 hrs pay for a part timer and 8 hrs pay for a full timer. What if the cover driver did your job in 10 hrs? It seems that there is a little conflict between the contract and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  17. Kraetos

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    I guess part-timers just get the day off, or does UPS pay them too? I have always just used going to college as an excuse to get out of jury duty, but I'm taking a two years of school off and will probably get a notice in the mail sometime. I wonder if you can just take one college class and mark the in-school box.
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  18. hondo

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    Look again, Article 29 Section 1 of the NMA.

    ARTICLE 29. Section 1. Jury Duty
    When a seniority employee is called for jury duty service, he/she shall be
    excused from his/her regular duties on the days he/she is required to appear
    in court or comply with jury rules that prevent him/her from reporting for
    work. For any regularly scheduled workday in which time off for such jury
    service is granted, the full-time employee shall be paid his/her guarantee and
    part-time employee shall receive four (4) hours pay at his/her straight-time
    hourly rate, less any amount received as a jury duty fee if such fees are
    defined as wages under applicable laws. The employee shall be required,
    however, to turn over to the Employer adequate proof of his/her jury duty
    service and compensation, if any, in order to receive the compensation above

    Employees who are scheduled to work a day shift shall not be required to
    report for work on any day he/she is required to report for jury duty unless
    released from jury duty not less than six (6) hours prior to the end of his/her
    regularly scheduled shift, in which event he/she will be allowed two (2) hours
    from the time he/she is released from jury duty to report and work the
    remainder of his/her regularly scheduled shift.

    Employees scheduled to work any shift other than the day shift shall not be
    required to report to work on any day he/she is required to report for jury
    duty unless he/she has been released from jury duty not less than four (4)
    hours prior to the start time of his/her regular shift and provided further
    he/she would complete such shift not less than ten (10) hours prior to the time
    he/she is required to report for jury duty the next/following day.
    Notwithstanding the above, no employee, working other than a day shift, will
    be required to report to work on a night if he or she has served jury duty that
    day and that service prevents him or her from reporting for work.

    In the event an employee returns to work after being released from jury duty
    and works beyond his/her regularly scheduled work day such hours worked
    shall be compensated for at the applicable overtime rate of pay.

    An employee who is required to report for jury duty during a week of
    previously scheduled vacation may select another available week of vacation.

    Time spent on jury duty service will be considered time worked for purposes
    of Employer contributions to health & welfare and pension plans, vacation
    eligibility and payment, holidays and seniority, in accordance with the
    applicable provisions of the Supplemental Agreements, Riders and Addenda.

    The language contained in this Article will supersede any provision in any
    Supplement, Rider or Addendum.
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    Thx hondo, I think that puts an end to any questions in this thread.
  20. rod

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    like I said in the 2nd post----all of them:peaceful: