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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by opie, Aug 6, 2007.

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    I have jury duty starting tomorrow. And I was wondering do I have to report to work? I work the twilight shift, which starts around 5PM and ends around 10PM. I looked at the contract and it appears I don't have to. But I'm not totally sure. Jury duty starts around 8AM and I think the latest you could stay is about 5PM. So technically I could show up for work, albeit late, but get paid from start. But I'd rather not and just get paid anyways. I know they will want me to come in, but I never miss a day of work. So a few paid days off would be nice, especially since it is hot outside.
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    do the right thing. if you can work, then work. if you stay up late and can still get up and get going in the morning to that. if you get picked for jury duty and have to serve then you might want to take the evening off from your job. if you get out early you might still be able to do your job. how does it affect you when your co-workers don't show for work? yeah, it's a freebe and most labor contracts will give you that. so, are you one to take it just because it's there? or do you do what you know you can or cannot do? what ever your choice, do the right thing.
    sleep well.
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    If you read your contract, it states in Art 29, Sec 1, that you are not required to report to work duty from, "two hours from the time he/she is released from jury dutyto report and work the remainder of his/her shift."

    In other words, if you are done with jury duty at 5:00 PM and your shift starts at 5:00 PM, then you can go in at 7:00 PM. Is this reasonable in your area?

    You make the call. You are doing well reading the contract. Keep up the good work.
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    You should however probably have notified your supervisor...
    I'll assume you did. ;)
    Don't forget to get your "note" from the court house that you