Jury rejects white UPS employee’s racial discrimination lawsuit

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    Jury rejects white UPS employee’s racial discrimination lawsuit - Long Beach Post

    A white United Parcel Service employee from Long Beach was not wrongfully fired in 2017 to appease a Latino employee, a jury found Wednesday.

    A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated for about a day before rejecting the claims of 47-year-old Mason McConn, a former UPS dispatcher, for wrongful termination, racial discrimination, retaliation and defamation.
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    What happened to white privilege? Don't tell me we are losing it.
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    Still takes a court proceeding to tell ya to sit down and STFU.
  4. Indecisi0n

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    We are the minority now. We need protection!
  5. rod

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    Everybody else is racist against us.
  6. rod

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    Don't we qualify for a free phone if we are a minority now?
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    white lives don't matter
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    "Can't we all just get along."
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    Our time is up. Was fun while it lasted.
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    A UPS supervisor being fired for unprofessional conduct in managing employees has to be a first.