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    Hey guys hope all of you are having a great 4th. Just wanted to ask a quick question and see what others thought and if anyone had any advice.

    I have been working preload for about 3 weeks now. My first week I started was obviously a struggle trying to get a feel for everything and how to properly load the trucks. Week 2 was much better but was still getting pushed by my line SUP.

    So I enter my 3rd week and come to find out they combined another route with one of my trucks. I went from an average of about 700 packages for 3 trucks to now it can be anywhere from 900-1000 depending on the day.

    In two of my trucks there are packages literally stacked from the front to the back, floor and all. Now during my shift I sometimes get behind and have to stack out my truck and catch up when I can because I literally do not have enough time to put packages on the trucks without letting other packages continue to go down the belt, and I feel as if I am going as fast as I can but at the end of each day the line SUP always crawls my ass about being faster and if I want to keep my job I need to find a way to become faster.

    The bad thing is I am not always the last one. When I finish there are trucks up my line with drivers still waiting and packages still being loaded (others who have 3 trucks).

    My question is this... Is my SUP just trying to push me or is he really just being a butthead? Am I allowed to say anything back to him or is it better to just keep my mouth shut (I think he has the small man syndrome) Anyway I can get faster?

    Thanks for any advice
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    This is UPS way of telling you that you are a hard worker. This happened to every hard worker at UPS. What is going on is that they see that you can do more work than you already are doing, so they put a slacker's work load on you to accommodate their desired production standard so they can impress their center manager. If you are going the fastest you can, I'm sorry, you cannot do anything to go faster than that. This job isn't for everybody, sorry.

    When I just started, my pt supervisor yells "hurry hurry, 5 packages in ONE SECOND" as I was unloading bolt fast, killing myself and accommodating for the slacker on the other unload side. If I were you, I would question myself if I really want to work here ruining my body for 100 bucks a week. If you are here to become a driver, you will be in the waiting line for no less than 8 yrs. And believe me, your body condition will be far from the same that it used to be when you just start. Expect one or several of these: back surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, etc. I know because most of my coworkers have gone through one or several of these surgeries.

    Right now, I'm applying for anything right now, heck, even McDonald's. Believe me, its like a dream compare to working at UPS. Hope I'm out by August.

    UPS isn't the only door to a good career, there are a lot of paths out there that don't take a decade of hard, low paying, back breaking labor to get. You can work at a fast food restaurant or a retail store that payrate ranges from minimum wage to mediocre, plus the change of getting 40 hours is high. You can work there and safe up some money and do your cdl or a trade which which ranges from 2 months to 2 yr. Much better than UPS. Plus you can use these skills to be demanding to the job market for the rest of your life, unlike ups.

    Oh one more thing, the day before yesterday I took a day off because my shoulders weren't feeling right. When I came back yesterday, when the break buzzer rang and I was getting out of the pc, the pt supervisor came and said "good job man, that's what I'm talking about, this is why you gotta be here every day, I be stressed when you're not here". Lol, UPS is one big joke lol. I can go on and on about my management's funny/ridiculous moments.
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    You've should've ask the sup to " show you how "! Stood there and watched him work it.
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    Your sup is just trying to push you for all your worth. Until you have seniority it is in your best interest not to say anything. If you say anything it should just be something to humor your Sup such as. "Sorry, I'll try to do better tomorrow..." I know it's BS, but it's better than saying something negative at this point and time. Other than that all I can recommend is:

    1) Work safe as you are the only one in the building that truly cares whether or not you get hurt.
    2) Work as directed. Follow the safety keys, check labels, lip load, group bulk together, etc.
    3) Put every package away properly. If you don't have the time to put it away properly don't bring it in the truck. (I.e., stack it out.)
    4) Maintain a safe egress/working area. If it's getting unsafe let your Sup know that you need help otherwise you're going to have to shut the belt off.
    5) If you don't get the help and it becomes unsafe, shut the belt off. They might say something to you, but you can't get disciplined for working safe.
    6) Don't be afraid to talk to your steward or to file grievances if you feel the Sup is harassing you.
    7) Most importantly, work safe as you are the only one in the building that truly cares whether or not you get hurt.

    NOTE: UPS Rewards good work with more work. If you show them you can handle 3 trucks you'll get 4. If you show them you can handle 4 trucks you'll get 5. Set your safe work limits and don't let them push you beyond that limit otherwise you will get hurt.
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    Do not follow any of this guy's information if you want to make book at UPS. You are on probation, and remember, this is whats expected of you from management: production > safety. They dont give a crap about safety deep down inside of them. They think that "safety" is stealing from the company lol.
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    Unfortunately he's probably not going to make book anyway. If he's only been there 3 weeks he was most likely hired as seasonal help. If he tries to keep up he is going to get hurt in which case he won't make book either. Say what you want, in-order to survive at UPS, the number one thing you can do is work safe. Yes, during your probationary period you might need to push the limit a little bit, but not at the expense of getting hurt.
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    Try some five hour energy.
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    Seeing that you're a steward, I hope that's not what you tell your brothers when they're being harassed for production by management.
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    Until you have your thirty days in there's nothing Jim Hoffa can do for ya. Go balls out and do your best in your first thirty days. Once you make the union talk to your steward.
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    If you are on probation then work your ass off, play the game and do whatever it takes to get it done. Once you get your job, then you can slow down, talk a little trash to the supervisors if you need to. UPS can't write you up for going slow, but they can for misloads. Once you get on make sure that you never violate the things that can get you written up, that's the key. You go at a pace you feel is safe and that you can mantain over the years.
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    Smile and nod, don't talk back. Just do the best you can, and work safely. As long as you show up and work hard, chances are you'll be there long enough to make book. Focus on getting the right packages in the correct trucks...very important. It does get easier, hang in there.
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    Thank you all for the replies I really do appreciate it. I hope each of you have a great 4th.