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  1. bluemoon

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    it seems like there is a different ups guy that stops at where i work everyday. are the shifts split part time between drivers? i was just wondering :happy2:
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    Here's a random answer about UPS.
    The trucks are painted brown.
  3. cachsux

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    It depends,are you hot? Would you like to buy some socks?
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    You don't want to know if there are showers in the locker rooms?
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    Nah, that was "Subway" that was interested in watching UPS drivers taking showers......
  6. brownmonster

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    I've had the same route for 17 years and I don't know where I'm going every day.:knockedout:
  7. Cementups

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    ^that's your alzheimer's fault.
  8. whiskey

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    UPS has changed the way they load trucks and plan routes. In the past, yes, you would see the same driver every day, day after day. But now, all the routes are subject to change on a daily basis. It's called progress. Soon the drivers will be replaced by robots. I would say within the next ten years. Japan has already created a "Delivery Person" prototype.
  9. clueless

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    Now that was funny! :laughing:

    To OP--does it really matter who brings the package as long as it gets there on-time and in one piece?
  10. ORLY!?!

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    There might be a ton of reasons as to why. One could be time of delievery, such as overnights and / or 1P, 2 or 3's. Another might be that driver is taking care of a missload found in load. Third, pickups could be arranged so the normal driver that delievers might be heading in a different direction. This might be due to a lot within itself. Such as lazyess to go buy the board and work to deliever around the load. Poor loading, driver again will work to get out as much as possible, working from the front of back to clean out the car of drops.

    Fourth, late air or ground trucks spread out from air drivers to cover or replacement drivers to get those numbers up and out of the building, or risk left in building numbers. Also a drivers package can only hold so much, packages left out get set to someone else that takes care of the work so sups dont have to actually lift, carry and / or bring those pieces out to that driver.

    Theres more perhaps, but I think I've dont it justice. Here at UPS, choas seems to get things dont, bot only by 65% efficieny.