Just finished 2nd interview.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ayo, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Ayo

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    I Just finished my 2nd interview and i think it went well. Keep in mind this is only for seasonal work. He told me he was going to put a recommendation for my hire. He also said that their weren't any spots open but next week to expect a call from one of the office ladies letting me know what day i would start. What are the odds i'm going to get the job?
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    as soon as someone quits, goes on fmla, gets injured, or all of the above. Also, if volume actually materializes the way they believe, expect a call that will go something like this "Hi, Mike , it's Peggy at human resources, we need you to start tonight. Can you do it?"
  3. Ayo

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    Sounds great. This was for the package handler position. Do they receive training before working?

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    UPS is said to hiring 50,000 seasonal workers this year. So your chances of getting called to work are very good.
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    Right now they are dangling the carrot to keep you interested. But by mid december they will be using anyone with a heartbeat willing to show up.

    They will use you when they need to.
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    Yes. I give you a head start on the rest on the guys. Pick up box put on the rollers or belt repeat as fast as you can for 4 - 5 hrs.

    If they are nice they will give you a ten minute break after 2 hrs
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    You absolutely will get training. About a week of just classroom/hub training. It's pretty boring...
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    (not saying your gonna do this) But I hate it when the new hires work that friday just to get a taste of what its like then freakin quit ive been there a year and half and Ive seen people come and go i mean come on its not that hard when i started i was beasting it from what they told me and since then its kinda been my moto.

    (didnt mean to sound cocky if i did but gotta let you balls hang every now and then)
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    The best part of it all is how right now we are hiring all the seasonals - (the past month or so, and continuing on) - and the supervisors are begging people to go home for a night off before he shift starts, so the trainees can be trained.

    All of this training and money spent for 2-3 weeks of work. Pretty awful how the company operates.
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    ya , it must suck to get a seasonal job even in this current enviroment .also to go through all the BS of HR and then get craped on by hourly and have manage ment have you fill all the crappy holes when the shoot hits the fan . i want to see those who still come back after seasonal and know what the F! they are doing . i am sick of the slackers who glide by and still bitch and want days off .i want good people that have been through the grinder and still help the people next to them. the few dependable who work with management and just get it done , safely and try to better them self. work hard and help others around you we still reward that.let the slackers take care of them selves and work with those still move with a purpose management and hourly equaly.good luck and let the cards fall as they may...