Just got an appointment made, have some questions!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by River J, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. River J

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    I just applied for a part time package handler and I have an appointment scheduled for march to tour the facility. I'm just wondering what I can expect from the tour and what i can do to have better chances of getting the job. I'm 17 years old and want to have a job with a lot of physical work and this seems like a good match
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    UPS has a facebook page. There are folks there that can answer your questions if you are not able to g0ogle them.
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    Hey river. Where I'm from almost everyone who gets the tour get offered a job. They basically walk you around the building and let you see what you will be doing at that particular position. Good luck and your should have no problem getting the job!!
  4. River J

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    I hope so! I want this job so badly!
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    Hey, I noticed your little reputation comment and I just wanted to thank you for being so welcoming to a new member. Not, dick. I don't even care about reputation but that's definitely not the way to create a user who will return. I wouldn't have posted this if I didn't already google and not find all my answers. I found this forum from searching google and my answers remain unanswered. Also, what is a g0ogle? please link me to this
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    Let me call you a waaaaahmbulance.

    Read more, post less.
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    haha calling someone who knows HTML CSS PHP and JS along with plenty of server knowledge "computer illiterate" funny guy
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    and if you would of read my entire post you would see that's not my only question
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    Wish you good luck with your new job.

    Just remember your priority safety number one and don't let the sups force you to do such quickly job duties. It is not worth being hero and might be end up bad injury.

    Bring lot of hydration water bottle and a couple energy bar.

    Lastly if you have any problems with the sups that harassing you and just keep cool head. Talk to shop steward and they will always help you. you will pay the union fee and the union steward job supposed protect you from bad situation.

  13. Well you got a little upset at someone on a web site for posting somthing u asked. I hope u dont take the same attitude to your new job u will not last.u will get a lot more abuse at work and people in your face yelling all day every day no matter how hard u work. Good luck stay calm and be ready for some hard work.:P
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    You seriously cannot look at the example I gave and do a further search???

    Dense this one is.
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    Oh no worries haha I work at mcdonalds right now with people who could be considered mentally retarded hahah
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    Thank you for trying to be helpful but less troll would be better. Thought a fellow KTM rider would be much cooler
    I understand now what is going to happen in the tour however that is not my only question, if you could read my post you'd see that but i'm sure you wouldn't be much help
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    So that where our former mgt team went .