Just made one year as a package handler......

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  1. Cha0sc0ntr0l

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    Where's the perks I was promised? My raise after one year and my health benefits. I asked the full time sup and a manager and the union guy but no one seems to know what's happening since the new contract happened. Or so they say. No one can ever get in touch with HR and no one is ever in their offices. Soo do I still get health benefits and how do I use them?
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    You will get your insurance cards and all that in the mail. Ask your steward what the health and welfare number is for your area. Call that number and ask, they will know about your benefits. Your supe and HR will not have a clue about them. They are administered by the union.
  3. Hot Carl

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    You were supposed to get your health benefits at 9 months. Mine came in the mail. Didn't have to ask anyone. Just had to enroll online.
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    Ask your mom if there ever was a large envelope for teamcare that came in the mail for you
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  5. ski or die

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    When I started in the hub, it was all full time jobs except for some who were part time. After 6 months to one year, you were able to go into driving or clerical. The good old days.
  6. barnyard

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    OK boomer
  7. Cha0sc0ntr0l

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    ......why would my mom be at my house in my mailbox
  8. WTFm8

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    Insurance is 9 months.
  9. Martini

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    All health insurance stuff will come in the mail. It's self explanatory.
    Like someone said, your Supervisor, etc. won't have anything to do with it or know anything about it.

    You get a quick response from Human Resources by emailing them. I guarantee it.
    Don't waste your time calling them.
    I think part of the reason why it's so difficult to get someone from their office to answer the phone is because one employee travels to and does the hiring/interviewing/tax forms, etc. for multiple UPSs in a state, so they're always on the road.
    (Of course, that doesn't justify them not returning phone calls, but that's partly why.)