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  1. klolx

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    Hello UPSers,

    I just wanted some of your advice because I was pretty overwhelmed today at work as a pre loader (this is my 2nd week) my trainer told me that my effort to do the job is outstanding and he can totally tell that I'm working hard but its just the way I put packages on the shelf, it takes me long to put them especially when they're already kinda full so I just stack them out which is really bad because 1 of my trucks gets so stacked out sometimes 2. I didn't have misloads for 4 days straight last week but I got 1 misload yesterday and I'm sure I'll get one again for today. Will this get easier? Will I get better? I really need some of your advice, I'm starting to feel unmotivated cause of it :(
  2. steward71

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    just hang in there and it will get better. as the old saying goes practice makes perfect. don't worry it is not an easy job, but you will get better at it. just try to do the best you can.
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    Just take you time and load one package at a time in the correct car. Getting faster will come with time. You will never keep up with the belt if you are they are just going to speed it up. I don't know how big your center is but I'm sure your not the only one that has to stack boxes untill you get a break when you can load them.
  4. faded jeans

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    It will get easier and you will get better.
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    go to the breakroom , get a mountain dew and a honeybun , be sure to check facebook every 5 to 6 minutes , as long as you follow those steps , you should be fine
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    just do your best and dont hurt yourself. make sure you match pal lable with correct truck b4 you load pkg and pretty soon this will all be a memory,lol.
  7. jaker

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    It will get easier over time as you learn at least PAL makes it easier now for most of us we had to do it the old fashion way
  8. Anonymous 10

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    Most of the workers ups attracks with their low wages and benifits that take a year for you and a year and a half for your family means they know they are getting what they pay for. Concentrate on their methods and don't get hurt. You will survive is you do this and a positive attitude also goes a long way also.