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    1. The position for data center manager is filled from a person hired outside of UPS. Out of the 350,000 plus employees at UPS they had to hire from the outside? Perhaps the real reason is that they didn't want to have an open position that someone recently demoted due to "no open positions at their level" could argue for? - Just an observation

    2. The last 7 people "demoted" in Shared Services were over the age of 50 - Just an observation

    3. The previous data center manager who did not follow through on his obligation to relocate is still at the same pay grade. He said he would relocate, took a pay raise and then said he couldn't. Seems like a nice way to get a good pay increase and not really move - Just an observation

    4. When it snows the man who "owns everything" is never at work, yet he is the first to point out people who don't make it to work on hazardous days. - Just an observation

    5. It seems that the past couple of snow storms created hazardous driving conditions and only the facility in Wayne had a delayed opening - Just an observation

    Maybe it is time to shuffle or replace some of the portfolio managers - Just a wish... :wink2:
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    Interesting observations JT, some additional observations:

    1) Hiring from outside, without communicating the reason for rejection to insiders of that grade who applied, conflicts with our promotion from within policy.

    2) All high paid employees should be concerned, especially in maintenance jobs in IS, versus development. This is despite the development creating the maintenance requirement. We should all just pretend that deployed technology doesn't require maintenance. Maybe if development was required to account for full life cycle support it wouldn't be so expensive because they would deploy quality.

    3) Someones favorite EEOC boy and now afraid to lose face with him.

    4) Must have worked, he was in last time to everyone's surprise.

    5) WGAS

    Retirement is available to some, why aren't they going? Especially the SS one you reference. Everyone dreams of a breath of fresh air! The focus group meetings for EUS show people are even willing to stick their necks out to HR. That is all you can expect the people to do and unfortunately it's been ignored thus far.
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    Regarding Wayne, the PM there 'owns' the building so he can do as he pleases. And isn't the weather different in Wayne? C'mon, how many miles away is Wayne from Mahwah?:dont_know:
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    jimmythetech, you are very observent!!!!! Doesn't it just make you want to puke????? AH's on parade..........
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    Your observations are good and right on point. Too bad we can't have them posted in the UPS Policy book. I especially agree with your point about the man who "owns everything". The sad part is that the ownership statement is true even though UPS is a corporation, not a sole proprietorship. But once he was able to secure the Wayne building, his ownership developed a whole new meaning. If you are not a citizen of Wayne or Ramsey (his other property), you might have a chance at a real career at UPS the corporation.
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