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    1.Despite the name-calling by FedEx, this issue is about fairness in competition and correcting an exception for FedEx.
    2.UPS wants Congress to eliminate special treatment provided to FedEx and place FedEx Express drivers and other ground employees under the appropriate labor law, the National Labor Relations Act.
    3.UPS is the strongest company in its industry and certainly has not approached Congress for any type of assistance. Even in this recession, UPS has seen a smaller decline in its air business than that experienced by FedEx. UPS is not seeking a “bailout” from Congress … the company is working to eliminate an exception given to FedEx.
    4.FedEx Express is the only company in the express delivery industry with its drivers, loaders and sorters governed by the RLA, a law designed for airlines and railroads.
    5.The notion that its drivers should be covered by the RLA because FedEx was founded as an airline is illogical. The work that’s performed, not your history as a company, should determine which law applies to your employees.
    6.UPS and FedEx have similar operations and both transport packages by airplane. However, your package isn’t delivered to your door by a pilot of an airplane. The package must be placed on a truck and is driven by a delivery driver to your place of business or home.
    7.UPS and FedEx both deliver approximately 2.5 million express packages each day. FedEx’s claim that UPS ships 85 percent of its goods by truck is false. FedEx’s claim that only 6% of all UPS drivers carry express packages likewise is false; the correct number is 95%.
    8.FedEx currently has more than 100,000 NLRA-governed employees who are not unionized. Yet, the company is trying to convince the U.S. Congress and customers that amending the RLA will increase its labor costs. FedEx’s history doesn’t demonstrate that its NLRA-governed employees will be unionized. In fact, the only unionized FedEx employee group is its cadre of RLA-governed pilots.
    9.Amending the RLA will appropriately level the playing field in the express delivery industry. It is the role of Congress to ensure proper application of the law. That’s why UPS believes Congress is the proper forum to resolve inconsistencies.
    10.Telling the truth doesn’t cost anything…especially a multi-million dollar campaign.
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    ok...this has been posted here before. Dont give the trolls any more fuel to throw on the fire.
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    strongly agree...and I dont know about you, personally I do not care either way what happens to FedEx. Big Brown rolls on , it is what it is :knockedout:
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    Either way this whole thing goes its going to change so much for both companies.
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    Just the facts please ?

    That is an unreasonable request and totally out of character for posters on Brown Cafe. :wink2:
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    Agreed. If everyone posted useless facts all the time, there would be nothing to talk about.
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    Only 37% of people deal with facts !
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    And 37% of them just make up facts as they go.
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    And always remember:

    37% of facts are made up on the spot 90% of the time!
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    Once again, an interesting FedEx spin on the facts. From the article:

    “This provision is written very specifically at FedEx, and it doesn’t affect any other company in the country,” FedEx spokesman Maury Lane tells Shenan.

    Could the reason for this be that FedEx is the ONLY company that benefits from the current unfair law?

    By the way, also from the same article:

    “UPS wants Congress to eliminate special treatment provided to FedEx and place FedEx Express drivers under the same labor law as all other delivery drivers in the United States. UPS believes those performing the same job should be under the same law,” spokesman Norman Black said. “It would appear that FedEx is preparing to spend millions of dollars trying to convince Congress that a FedEx driver delivering a package is different somehow than a UPS driver delivering a package. The packages aren’t delivered by airplanes, and we don’t believe FedEx can fool Congress about that.”

    Now, that makes sense.