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    I feed to a satellite center with four other drivers and also deliver to the center's town of 6,000. Once or twice a week the mother center,(53 miles to the north) feels the need to cut one of our routes. So essentially one of the drivers ends up doing basically what amounts to two routes that begin about 50 miles away from the satellite center. So he has his usual route and another one that on a normal day can be 15 stops and 300 or so miles (very rural). Anyway, long story short, the driver that does two routes ends up working 13 hours last Thursday and and punches off @ Midnight everyone else 11+. A package ends up being missed because the driver had to be off the clock (More than once he had informed the "mother center that he wouldn't finish his route) and according to the driver he recorded it that way. Lo and behold Friday morning we have a concern from a customer wondering if there was a crisis in the town of the satellite center because when said customer tracked their pkg it came up as "UPS has determined that an emergency condition existed" So apparently the center changed the status of the pkg to hide the missed.

    Now the questions arise.....Why is a company whose reported earnings up 24% in the first quarter this year and net income of 849 million cutting routes? I am all good with that if it was still 2008 or if we were tanking like the USPS but we are not.

    Also just wondering do other centers us EC to hide misseds?

    Thanks all you Brown Cafe'ers I just had to vent........
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    Because on an operational level, that company is "managed" by frightened puppets who do what they are told with no regard for service, common sense or business ethics.

    Get the packages out of the building. Get the preload off of the clock. Cut enough routes to look good on the daily report....then find a way to screw the customers out of refunds for the packages that we failed to deliver. Thats logistics. Thats the UPS of today.

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    Yes to EC a pkg is the current flavor of the day. Profits can be even higher when you have less on the payroll, this is the trend evrywhere.....9.5 grievence?
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    WOW! great answer...Unfortunately it is so true.

    Corporate are u listening???? Hello...
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    The above is for Soberups
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    Yes....on the 9.5, the driver has had enough and has given management notice.
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    That driver should consider himself lucky they're only cutting routes once or twice a week. Give em a while, they'll make it 3 or 4 times a week and in a little while longer he'll be happy to see it in once or twice a month.