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  1. McGee

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    Just a little question:

    IF ( Oh I hope someone is listening... LOL)

    that if you get lucky to land an air pkg driver job that you will be permanent p/t?? Just wondering since I am ready to maybe try for it but am wondering if it is a good way to get your foot 'in the door' ( so to speak) It seems like a perfect p/t job ( for now) but from what I have read IF you get the job you do not get seniority until AFTER Jan, is that correct?

    I do have some experience ( but that pretty much means NOTHING from what I have read... LOL)
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  2. Backlasher

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    It won't lead to fulltime any faster, believe me. You could be an air driver part time for 10 yrs. but if an insider with even 1 day more seniority then you bids on a full time position, then he/she will get it before you. Even though you have more driver experience.

    We've had people with same seniority date and then they go by aplication date.

    Say that you start as a air driver and another starts as a pre-loader the same day and have the same seniority date. 10 yrs down the road you and he bids on full time job. You have 10 yrs. driven expeirience and he has NONE.
    He did his aplication 1 day sooner then you to get hired into UPS.

    He will win the BID and you will still be part time driven while he makes the big $$$$, if he passes his 30 day driven trial period.

    It does give you good experience though. It pays better then inside as a loader. Only thing is how much volumn in air the center has and how many air drivers there are will effect you as a low seniority air driver. you could get 20-30 hrs a week consistently, or you could ben on call daily for yrs. and maybe work a day a week. It all depends.
  3. McGee

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    I wouldn't mind trying to find out how many air drivers they have BEFORE I even try for it but I would have to track down someone there ( I am about 20 miles away)... no big deal though since I have worked out there a LOT out of the past ten years and know the streets and all, and have stick shift driving down for the most part...
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  4. iruhnman630

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    I miss that job...it didn't pay much but it was pretty much gravy work and I loved being done early.

    It won't lead to full time driving any faster, however if you do go from part-time air driver to full time driver your pay will be red circled in at your current air driver rate, where anybody else will need to drop to start rate.
  5. McGee

    McGee Well-Known Member

    so If I was lucky enough to go f/t I wouldn't have to drop to the start rate?? I would just start there instead? That is pretty cool!
  6. gorilla75jdw

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    seniority , or go across the street to fedex
  7. OldSnake63

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    go for it barney . im a driver and i like to be on the road, on the go . if you plan on being a pkg car driver or feeder then do it . petal to the metal homeboy !
  8. rocket man

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    DONT YOU WANT TO START AT FULL PAY TO? Almost everyone starts as full time air drivers you are worrrying about nothing
  9. menotyou

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    I was the shuttle driver in the am for my building. $2? and hour, driving one hour one way to the airport. both waves. One hour nap in between. You have your own loader. Back to the building, finish up prelaod, then deliver a few parcels and home you go. one hour of o/t usually daily. average over 38 hours a week.

  10. McGee

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    Um, He!! YES I do!~ LOL! Thanks ! I will certainly do it!
  11. rocket man

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    I mean just roll with it. you sound like you will make it . good luck and happy holidays. you will do good.
  12. McGee

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    LOL! Thanks rocket man! Happy holidays to you as well!
  13. McGee

    McGee Well-Known Member

    Well went ahead and re-signed up for an air driver position ( p.m.) now we will see what happens... wish me luck! ( ??!!!) LOL!!