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    In Praise of Rogue Cops

    This past Saturday Kelly's dad was offered a $900k settlement to end the matter. Such an offer and this quick after the incident is highly odd and especially when the officers involved are still on the beat (pun intended).
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    I'm really cynical when it comes to this stuff. The family comes out of the woodwork when they sniff a possible lawsuit and big money. Why didn't they see that their 'beloved' relative had the proper mental care all along? They probably washed their hands of him and just wrote him off as crazy homeless person.....until dollar signs appeared in their eyes.
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    Kelly Thomas Father (mrs moreluck) TURNED down the money and stated very clearly HE WANTS JUSTICE not MONEY. Thomas is a retired OC SHERIFF and teaches young officers in basic training. He seeks justice and charges for his sons beating death and is not looking for money.

    It is rude of you to state such a thing when the RECORD is clear.

    Do you do any fact checking on anything before you post? Sheesh.

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    6 Fullerton police officers have been arrested in the beating death of Kelly Thomas and will soon be charged by either the city, or state or federal goverment or even ALL OF THEM.

    They used excessive force in Kelly Thomas case and other cases this year alone.

    Beatdowns have become a common practice in the Fullerton PD.

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    I simply stated MY OPINION (of which there is no record)......if you find it rude.....tough!
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    Maybe you should do some fact checking also. From one of the articles that WK supplied. :
    double sheeesh
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    Still believe the family came out of the woodwork just for money? The Orange County DA's office has just charged some of the officers with murder, manslaughter, mayhem and excessive force. Like I said from the begining, charges were coming, these officers need to be fired, all benefits taken from them and put on trial.

    Hopefully, after they are sentenced, they can spend their time in one of Calfornias toughest prisons among the very thugs and murderers they imitated.

    The Fullerton Police chief needs to resign over this mess as well. The buck has to stop at his desk. More charges are upcoming for other officers who didnt stop the beating/murder of Kelly Thomas.

    To say that the family of Kelly Thomas just wanted money is to fail to understand that a persons civil rights were taken and that person beaten to death without cause.

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    Thanks for the info TOS!
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    tos, yet on another thread you glorify the idea of the south beating down blacks for 200 years. Which is your true position ?
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    Kelly Thomas wasn't black, he was white so in that sense, the application doesn't apply. Now if you want to talk Troy Davis?
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    Heres my position, buy a clue and inform yourself. Kelly Thomas was a white man with mental issues, he did not deserve to be beaten to death by rogue cops.

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    I agree that Mr. Thomas did not deserve to be beaten period much less to death. I also agree that the incident be fully investigated and appropriate punishments given. This event is a true outrage.
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    20 yrs ago, some undercover cops were chasing a suspect at night, they called for uniform backup. The suspect climbed over a fence to escape, the pursuing cops ( one white & one black ) were attempting to follow him when the uniformed cops arrived & they started beating on the undercover black cop believing him to be the suspect.
    An investigation was undertaken and the only one to go to jail was one white cop who the grand jury thought was lying when he claimed he didn't see anything. He told the truth, was not involved with the beating , he lost his job and was handed a prison sentence.

    So explain where the justice was ?
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    Where was the family when the guy was suppose to be ON his meds. for schizophrenia ? Why do they only get involved when there's a lawsuit ?
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    Umm, because his son is dead and it was HIS PRESSURE on the DA's office to investigate the case and file charges. It was RON THOMAS aggressive action that FORCED the fullerton police to act on the case instead of sweeping it under the rug LIKE THEY WERE ATTEMPTING TO DO!

    The reports by all the police officers involved were FAKED and it wasnt until RON THOMAS and the WITNESSES spoke out that any action was started.

    I hope this answers your statement.

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    And, did Ron help his son to stay on meds so this incident would have never happened????
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    Ya moreluck, thats the answer, jump into the wayback machine, maybe if kelly thomas wasnt born, he wouldnt have got beat to death, right moreluck?

    I guess age affects rational thought more than we think.

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    I hope you let this thread go while you look semi-dumb. If you are going to say that the police in this case were challenged by Kelly Thomas then you are devoid of rational thought. The DA's office made it clear, the officers intended to serious harm this man. Whether or not he is homeless or retarded or a drug addict, he is still an american with CIVIL RIGHTS.

    All the other stuff you are saying plays no part in CIVIL RIGHTS.

    The only person in this case who had a right to defend himself was KELLY THOMAS.

    As the DA said, once officer Ramos placed the latex gloves on his hands and he bent over while kelly thomas was on the ground and told him that he was "going to F you up", that changed the circumstances and placed kelly thomas in a position to DEFEND HIMSELF.

    We are all protected by law and by our civil rights moreluck. You defend a couple of rogue cops as if their actions were ok by your standards. You need to expand your horizons and understand that homeless people are still people. Living, breathing human beings and while we may not like the circumstances that they live their lives, we still have to stand up for them.

    Kelly Thomas is dead. He did not deserve to die whether or not he took his meds. If you cant stand up for justice in his death, then you can sit and be quiet.