Klavan hit the nail on the head: Why are conservatives so mean?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by brett636, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Klaven couldn't hit the side of a barn.....but I did have a good laugh.
    Conservatives are mean IMO because their idealogy along with our country nearly went down the crapper last Administration and they're having a hard time dealing with failure. More like sourgrape attitudes and are taking out their fustrations on Democrats, media and American Universities....

    1) His tone is pretty condescending and insulting to educated graduates...The whole demeanor of the way he is speaking is very snide, like he is mocking college students which is going to turn off the very people is trying to reach.....

    2) On his video, he shows a picture of well known contemporary Republicans and refers to them as Conservatives.....lol

    3) Conservatives worship the writings of a Frenchman ?....lol
    Can I have some freedom fries with this rant....

    4) His selective memory process seems to have been erased of the last 8 years that used fear tactics at the expence of our liberty, privacy.
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    Are you talking about zero?
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    I can't help myself but correct a few inaccuracies in your post.

    First off the last eight years minus the housing meltdown have been great for our country. Its been well documented that the actions of previous democrat presidents(Carter, Clinton) created the economic storm which we are currently enduring. I am sorry you are unable to understand or accept this simple fact.

    Secondly, Klavan's demeanor has more to do with the universities who fail to teach their students that liberty is something sacred and something to strive for. Instead they teach about the utopian welfare state that you so strongly believe in. How can we expect the young men and women of our country to strive for bigger and better accomplishments when their infantalizing government holds them back?

    Finally, I'm not surprised you would attack the messenger since you cannot handle the message regarding DeToqueville's writings. A soft tyrannical government is what we are heading for, if it hasn't come to us already.
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    There's no point in gloating: "so called" conservatives are incapable of recognizing their own faults, always blaming their blunders on everyone else. Just continue digging your own spider holes of fuzzy logic and dogmatic umbrage. How do you reason with somebody who thinks the Iraq War was good for his country....Or Someone who thinks illegal wiretapping and FISA is NOT the very essence of losing our liberties....and providing people affordable Healthcare and Education opportunities is holding our students back....what an odd sense of intelectual and condescending superiorty you and this "nobody" Klavan believe to have a stranglehold above our University Graduates.....It's laughable to think you corrected any inaccuracies...but nice try :thumbup1:
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    I didn't get into him that deeply. I just thought he sucked. Seen better shots fired by the progressive liberals. :happy-very: