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    I am out of work again from an on the job knee injury that refuses to heal. Keeping it short to protect my identity and medical history in a freak incident at work I fractured bones in my knee and torn apart cartilage. I have been out multiple times with the same injury and have had one operation and will most likely be having my second surgery in the upcoming weeks. After seeing my doctor unfortunately it is coming to the point where I may not be able to perform in package and will not have the seniority to bid into a feeder position. I absolutely love my job and have worked so hard in many months of physical therapy to recover from this injury so I could return to work and continue my career. Before my injury I came to work everyday and gave my best day in and day out and never had any disciplinary problems. My center has done absolutely nothing for me post injury and have made my working experience hell. I have had many over 11's, over 12's performance rides and management refuses to allow me to work within my ability. Its just constant harassment and office visits. I feel as if nobody is willing to work with me and after my next surgery I have no other options. I only have a high school education and I don't have any skills besides delivering a box. I'm not looking for advice on obtaining attorneys and get rich off injury claims and all that hogwash. I have not heard anything from the company nor the insurance company but buy-outs are not realistic for my family. I've work very hard for this company and each week I need to be able to put food on the table and provide for my family. To be honest all I want to do is work and earn my teamster pension. Do I have any realistic union options?
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    UPS aside, you need to heal to live a painfree life,....... 2 words water therapy. I broke 2 ankles 4 times, if I had more I would have broken them also. 4 yrs in a row, none in 10 since water therapy.
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    I was in the same situation not too long ago. First of, I wish you luck. Second, find a good lawyer. Third, you will need to decide if you still want to work for ups or not. You will eventually get to that point when you have to decide what you want to do based on how you feel healthwise.

    In the meantime, you need to concentrate on one thing and dont worry about all the harrassment. You need to think about YOU first, you need to get well and be strong again. May it be for this job or the next, you need to get back on track.

    the union did not help me at all, they cant give me an answer during that time of trial. So I decided to concentrate on getting well and see what happens next. One day at a time Bro...

    God Bless
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    i know what you are going through for i am in the same situation as you are, the doctors including co. ones say i need to do something less physical than package car driver worked for ups 25 yrs. and could not take settelement offer either had my comp rate reduced because i was sent out on minimum wage job offers and put that i would be returning to ups when medically fit and liberty mutual considered this as sabotaging the job process as unfair and cut my comp rate the company is not going to let you return unless you can do your driving job i am still trying to return to work but keep getting the runaround was senior bidder on jockey bid and the co told me since i was on comp they considered me inactive and i was not aloud to bid so unfortuantley it looks like my only option is to get an attorney,i hope you have better luck getting back to work than i am i to was a loyal and dedicated employee and did my job and took care of my family and only wanted to put in my time and earn my living i never filed a greivence in my entire 25 yrs. for some reason the co just doesent honor loyal employees anymore i heard two guys are suing the co for this reason maybe we can get some help from it the union was of no help whatsoever keep your head up if we stick together maybe some good will come out of it ,keep in touch and let us know everything goes be prepared for a real battle.
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    Uh, uh! It don't work this way. If you are senior bidder on job, you're on comp, you're not inactive! You get to bid and hold any job you qualify for, classification and seniority. Hold up on the lawyer trip and go with grievance first.
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    I had back sugery and could not make it back .I could go into the horrible details how I was treated ,but will not.
    Guess what you might not be able to work at UPS, it is not the end of the world.I can not do any thing so I am really hosed,but it could be worse I could be in a chair.That took me a few years to say that.:thumbup1:
    Hey get a lawyer , UPS does not have best interst in mind.
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    Hey sweets, It kills me to see something of this nature, happen. UPS can be so cold and caulised when it comes to the comp issue. This is where I have a problem with UPS. A person like you, sells there heart and soul for the company and then dumps you when the going gets tuff. UPS, what about in sickness(injury) or in health(profit off the employee). Yes, some will claim you did it to yourself, but is that really the point, here. UPS, when it comes to getting hurt on the job can be down right cruel. They are a fair weather friend, when it comes to an on the job injury. Yes it cost money, but that is just the line of work were in. There are those that do abuse the comp issue and I have no pity on them. UPS, do you know what would be nice if someone goes out hurt. Have corporate send them a nice handwritten get well card. That would sure help in the healing process, good mental vibes- does help in the healing. Pipe dream, probably. ( :

    In closing, UPS when you come down hard on a good UPS employee for getting hurt it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Example, employee gets a bad attitude, prolongs the recovery. When the employee returns to work, he/she is :censored2:, production down,grievances possibley filled on anything and everything, etc etc.
    Why not just be positive about it, your going to have to pay it anyway.
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    UPS, we are at war with the competition, your employees are the troops, when we get wounded in battle, dont just kick us to the curb. What does that do to your image in the long run? What does it do to the morale of the troops? Dont you see what you are doing? Stop this hurtful practice. I know you go over safety, like a relgion, but in the end where just human, made of flesh and blood.....
  9. Work comp. rules vary state by state but here if you are unable to return to your normal job duties upon maximum recovery the company needs to try to find another job you can perform or provide you with 3 yrs. of education for new job plus partial disability settlement pay. Was a case several years ago here that a employee was severely injured could no longer perform any available job duties so they had to create a job for her, she sits in chair next to rollers and re-tapes packages that are sent to her F/T position. Hopefully you are working with a very good doctor that will help in your struggle and set and relay necessary restrictions to help you recover to your maximum potential and to prevent another unnecessary repeat injury due to being forced back into a job that in high probability will land you back in the doctors office or under the knife. Best of luck
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    anonymous what state do you live in thats what they should have to do in every state and its called the americans with disabilities act which requires an employer to find a job these employees can do with or without accommodation.
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    Just drain the knee and shoot it with cortizone, You will be fine, oh , and pop a few advills!