Kochtopus and the Wisconsin Power Grab

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    Koch Bros. and the Wisconsin Power Game
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    As to the Koch's so-called libertarian traditions, it is true they seed monied a lot of efforts including it's most successful, the Cato Institute. But in the case of Cato and later events across the libertarian movement, the common knowledge is not as well known and thanks to one of the earliest Cato scholars now at the Mises Institute, David Gordon enlightens with his 2 part essay on those early days and what Cato was suppose to be about are now more well known.

    But then what gives legs to the theory that the Kochs as the masterminds of libertarianism and the paywindow for movements against the state bordering on some twisted idea they've got some stateless anarchy in mind is as Justin Riamondo sez, "from Bizarro World!"

    That said, give credit where credit is due and Lee Fang at Think Progress, a group probably about as far from free market libertarianism/anarchism as Satan is to Heaven, on some analysis of the Koch Bros. Pay very close attention starting at the 50 sec. mark because Fang smacks the Koch's all the way into the cheap seats and God bless him for it!


    In another thread, the Koch's along with George Soros are mentioned almost in some capacity as opposities but the truth is they are just alike. Regardless of political tags, both are hardcore capitalists and both are digging holes into taxpayer pockets to bleed them dry. The difference comes down to how they use different angular trajectories to accomplish the task. State privilege is state privilege no matter if you sit on the right or left side of life. Both are statist, both are collectivist, both are welfare queens. The status quo is the real intent but it's only important that you think change is at hand.

    Start seeing these people for what they really are, not as portrayed by the wrestling script they follow and want you to believe in.