L-104 Andy M challenged by Reformers

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  1. Hawfuh Sux

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    Local 104 Reformers are being nominated to run against Andy M at this very moment. The slate made up of four UPSers from three hubs, two from U.S. Airways and one Sun Transportation are telling Andy M they are fed up with his horrible leadership.

    Good luck Reformers!
  2. Evil

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    Haha, I heard Andy M was so shocked to see the challengers show up with all their supporters for nomination. Andy never expected anyone to challenge his worthless :censored2:. What's the matter Andy did you think everyone at UPS liked the carveout? How about the 10 years U.S. Airways waited for a contract only to get sold out by you. How about Sun Transportation? The best you could do was get a one year extension because you plan on selling them out too?

    Andy...Andy, just a little democracy at 104 you arrogant bastard.
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    I hear that a lot of Hoffa locals that HAD the UPS HC PLAN, are in deep trouble.
    Apparently UPSers don't like bring put into inferior hc plan like teamcare or the WC/177 hc plan.
    Some Hoffa locals have already been tossed out for this.
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    I guess we will hear from all you Team Care folks soon

    SLO BROWN New Member

    Andy M sold the Southwest out! Him and his partner need to kick rocks! Can only hope this sellout loses!!!
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    The Vote No Facebook page is murdering Andy M!