Labor Disputes involving other Unions

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    Does anyone have an idea how we are to approach other companies that have labor disputes? I have a Hospital and a Warehouse that have strike lines set up. Even though its a different union than ours I have actually called the receiving departments and asked them to come out and get their packages.

    Also, while I wait they purposely clog the entrance and yell pro-propaganda at me until security can come by and clear the traffic. The longer this dispute goes on the nastier the comments are when I pull up even though I've known these guys for years.

    Look I know what these guys are going through, I've been there man!
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    Thats a toughie, maybe try to get that stop on WC, unsafe conditions.
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    We have language protecting us from discipline for refusing to cross a picket line. In the diad under other there is strike, select this when you scan the packages. Notify your center management team and let them know you wont be crossing their strike line. Typically management will deliver or the company can come and pick up at will call. Thats why your getting yelled at they are aware that we should not cross or even deliver struck goods.
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    [FONT=&quot]I find no mention of this in the new agreement, but as I understand the full text version will include the following language[/FONT][FONT=&quot]



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    Here in 804 we don't cross any picket lines.
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    Not to sound naive, but is there a difference between an actual work stoppage (strike) and an informational picket? Are we to honor both of these actions or are we allowed to cross an informational picket? The reason I ask is the local hospital was involved in an informational picket (the nurses were on the side of the road holding up signs asking for support for a new contract but had not yet started a work stoppage) and I asked and was told that I was to proceed as normal.
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    I would say if its a strike then we don't cross.If its a group of nurses on their lunch hour giving out information regarding their contract negotiations then make the delivery.If you feel uncomfortable doing the delivery while they are handing out their info then pass it by and do it later.During the strike in 97 I was very upset when people would cross our picket line to get their pkgs (except for the needed medications) so I know how it feels.I will never cross wether on the job or off.(I won't even shop at Walmart just because of their anti union tactics).
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    Aint that a fact JACK!
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    Who did you ask????

    I have asked folks on a picket line, "Are you on strike? Because if you are, I will not cross your line and management can work on getting the packages on their own."

    If it is informational, they will tell you and probably thank you for asking (they did in my case and I already knew that it was an informational picket, I was hoping that by stopping to ask, I would be showing them support.)

    In our center, if a business is on strike, their packages are not even loaded into the car.

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    The steward.
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    There is a fine line of professional legality for nurses and ancillary staff to actually go on strike. There may not be much difference in an informational picket line and an actual strike picket line in their eyes.
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    Well, no one shot at me nor was I called any names worse than what I am usually called so I guess I was OK.