Lack of carwashers

jada miller

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Our building has only had 1 carwasher for about 8 months.

During peak management and the union agreed to allow a driver to help park trucks only till peak was over.

Well as of last night we found out management is using a Local sort employee who has only been with the copany since July. He was a seasonal driver during peak an according to him they still have him classified as a seasonal driver and that is why he is allowed to park trucks in full browns while our carwash guy is on vacation.

A few of us are at a loss on this one.
Shouldn't it be considered extra work even though it's crossing unions again?
How can they still classify him as seasonal?


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We have a drive through car wash at our building that I would use a few times a week. Broke in November and they still haven’t fixed it.

Our trucks look like :censored2: but management doesn’t seem to care. But God forbid if you wear a hoodie you get talked to about appearance standards.

jada miller

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Oh gee then maybe oh I don’t know, you guys can wash em your damn selves?! I wash my tractor every night before handing the keys off to the co driver. Did you guys know we get paid by the hour? 😜
I didn't say anything about washing the trucks. I said parking the trucks, maybe learn to read first