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    What do you think? LagunaBrown.con
  2. DS

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    Its pretty cool Lauguna.Looks like the browncafe may have some competition after you get this site up and running:)
    Great little safety videos,but what is a package caw?:)
    One thing you may want to change is your contact page.We have discovered that UPS does not take kindly to anyone using their copyrite stuff,
    get rid of the whiteboard guy.Good luck with the website.Oh and btw there's a lot of good info here on the BC other than the GPS thread.
  3. KingofBrown

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    I like the site. Seems to offer very good resources. Maybe in the future it could grow to other Locals as well, that'd be pretty nice.
  4. LagunaBrown

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    Thanks we really love Brown cafe and all the information here. I hope people will go to our networking section to link up with BC and dig around this site.... We wanted to personalize something for our Local and drivers so we want all the input we can get. Cheers.
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    Klein, these people need your help. We will miss you here but clearly these people need your guidance more. We'll try to get by without you.
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    PLUS, it's Laguna Beach and you are the beach expert !!!
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    I think there is plenty of guidance on our site but if you think it needs something then speak up.
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    Thanks KingofBrown......
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    Nice punt. LOL

    uuuuh, pickup was being facetious.

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    useful sight
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    What, your avatar?
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    Just so I'm in the loop (or maybe not). Are you a package car driver in Laguna Beach? If so, have a Corona at Las Brisas for me. What a nice place to work.