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    I need to watch some words but I got injured on the job in December 2011. I was sent home from work. The enxt day I was told to come in and work, which I did. After my shift my supervisor and I went to a hand specialist and I got xrays done. I ended up fracturing a finger. Next day at work they want to take pictures, and re create "how did this happen" so we had a photo session. I came to work no problems until a month after unjury where the DR gaveme percocet for pain, one night I was in pain I took 3-4 before bed and was knocked out until 730am, I know because my neighbor came downstairs said she heard my alarm for 3 1/2 hours. I got wrote up and suspended for that a few more times while on medication. I work a part of UPS that I am not happy to work in but I take verbal words and stuff that a chaplian would not be ok with, I deal with tell no one take my paycheck and go. I got off early last week and had enough. I didnt show for work for 3 days which yes is my fault. Though I feel my supervisors want work done and do not care about employee to employee relations. If two people on a team can not work together that team will not function. After my injury he told me I was going to move to another section, since I am very very computer smart. This did not happen and I asked let me try to it see how I will do. Currently I am facing terminados and the Dr said I had nerve damage from the injury, though I have to come back in 6 months for the offical test but she can tell already I have nerve damage. What do I do ?
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    I could use 3-4 percocet after trying to make sense of this. What does your steward and/or BA say?
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    Talk to steward and stop letting them get to you. Don't give them any reason to terminate you.
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    what is steward ?
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    Try to lay off the pills.

    Highly addictive.
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    3 or 4 at a time YES...... according to the prescription NO. No Dr. will prescribe you 3 or 4 at a time. Most are 1 every 4-6 hours as needed for pain.
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    1. Did you go out on workers comp?
    2. if yes, did you contact a lawyer?
    3. if yes to # 2, contact your lawyer as well as your Business Agent.
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    No, to all 3 questions.

    Never been on workers comp dont know what it is. No to the rest
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    I took as needed, though even the dr report said what I was taking even coming into work at 2am during peak season I was still drowssy (spelt it wrong), all I got from higher up was nothing but work work work work this is peak season work work work
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    if you were hurt on the job, and took time off due to the injury, workers comp will pay you some percentage of your salary while you are out for the injury, as well as pay your medical expenses. You must file a claim within 24 hours of your injury!
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    Oh well... All I got is a c-4 form. so no workers comp besides I am sure its only a few bucks, nothing more.
    I was hurt earleir in the year, dureing July I got metal in my eye. I did my accident report and my facility manager asked if i would re word what happened and say it happened outside of work so UPS would not get reported to OSHA/OSH. I told him no I am going to tell the truth. I did my accdient report, I asked for a copy I got a blank sheet of paper with a bogus signature as mine. I also knew something was up when I did it as him and 3 sups and the safety lady had a nice talk and smile outside the office.
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    Call a local workers comp attorney asap!
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    Johney, that is easier said then done tohse guys want money. I do notmake that much at UPS and as a full time student it is probaly not even worth the time
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    Are you a member of the union? A portion of the union dues are for legal representation. The Lawyer fees are already paid for if you qualify.


    Well a geivance is always a good way to start things, but no call no show is hard to overcome. But under the circumstance maybe you have an argument but barely. U must report for work when scheduled and on time or use proper notification. Your steward should be notified if you are being sworn at or being harrassed in any manner and file a greivance. My 2 cents good luck


    doesn't matter what season it is you need to work in a safe manner. They always try to jam more down your throat during peak and unfortunately alot of people work twice as hard for nothing xtra, same pace no matter what time of the year it is.
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    how do you know if you are part of a union ? I have been employed for 6 years, I "heard" you make union on 30 days


    they will always try to twist your arm to embelish the truth. U really need to find your shop steward and get things in line.
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    Are you that heavy on the percs or are you that retarded?!?!?! You don't notice $xx coming out of your paycheck with a notation that says "union dues" next to it? Seriously!?!??!

    For someone that is very very good with computers, you suck at computers!!!

    Am I the only one that smells troll?