laid off...called in...didnt answer the call...can you be written up?

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  1. There are 2 more people below me and they as well didnt answer when they called and now they want to write all of us up for "undependability" is that allowed?

    *schedual stated "lay off" NOT on-call, stand-by or anything of that nature*
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    It's a good thing UPS is sooooo dependable should always be ready for them to call you during the expected time. But this is a little cheap from UPS. If they do write you up for this, your initials from now on for stuff like this should be RTS or sign and add SUP (Signed under protest.)
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    You would need to check your local supplement, but my guess is no. In my supplement all it states is that you need to return the call and let them know when you can return to work. In-addition, unless somebody called out sick, in my area recalling someone from layoff is to be done the day before.
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    sure they can issue you a warning letter for it,just file a grievance and it will be dropped. it means NOTHING
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    meaningless gesture

    sign, don't sign or have your steward sign
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    Consistency is the key. If you always RTS or SUP your warning letters, they can't bring up inconsistency during a panel. It kills your character in a panel if you're inconsistent.
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    I agree.

    Ignore advice 'whether you sign this piece of paper or not really doesn't make a difference' that management gives. It DOES matter because anything you sign can & will be used against you.

    Disagree. ANYTHING you sign they'll bring up in panel, even if it says SUP. They'll also bring up stuff you RTS, but at least the question changes from 'why did you sign this' to 'why did you receive this.' The latter works more toward your favor.
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    They accidentally posted a termination list at work last summer and half of them were "terminated, failed to return from layoff" for what its worth.
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    None of my guys even rts it, Tears you would be adding that part in for us. Meaningless gesture yes, but every time you wrote it in, I'd make a gesture just to let you know.