laid off in feeders whats my rights

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    I am currently a laid off feeder driver in Deerfield Beach>I have feeder seniority.I am getting a hard time going back to pkgs.Just today I called in was told thats ok because there is no work for you.For the past 3 weeks they have put me on many different routes,something very difficult for a 50 year old to do.But I need to work and dont want to work inside.Does anybody know what my seniority rights are in pkgs.I have heard two different stories that I am the lowest senior driver or the highest unassigned driver.Which is it? Casn I bump 22.3 jobs.Anticipate trouble tommorrow as was told there will be no work then either.Does anyone know exactly what I can do?Thanks
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    You definately need to speak with your steward and probably even your BA at your local. This is no the place to get an accurate answer for your question. Our contracts differ all througout the country. This is something you need to resolve ASAP.
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    Exactly right. HERE (Chema), our laid-off Feeder drivers can bump wherever their seniority will get them. We have Feeders who have bumped into Shifting, Package, and 22.3.
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    You have to see what your local supplement says about layoffs. In my situation, our local agreement says we can work inside and displace 2 part time employees or bump a package car driver in the center. No language about bumping 22.3's. I was a 22.3 prior to bidding to feeders. I am not laid of from feeders so I havent had to go thru what you are going thru. I know if i was laid off I would work inside because I'll would NEVER go back to package car. I would work at McDonalds before I ever was a package car driver again. Good luck with your situation ......driver.
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    This is the way it works here: At the time of layoff you have 3 options. Take two part time jobs, One part time job or take the layoff. The contract says that you can take the job of any part timer provided you have more total company seniority. The JAC ruled that you can only bump the least senior part timer. After working for thirty days in a ninety day period you can bump the least senior full time position. You will have thirty calendar days to qualify for that position.
    Locally, the company and the union were ill prepared for the layoffs. There were alot of questions asked when the first group was laid off,(Jan 5th) that are just now being addressed. I understand that the company hasn't gone through this situation before but the union has.
    Read your contract and talk to your stewards and BA.
    You also have the option of bumping into any hub/center in your local's jurisdiction but if you do that you may be stuck there until work is restored at your home domicile. You also have to be qualified for the job that you would be bumping into.
    We currently have 38 feeder drivers laid off and I was in the first group and have been trying to work out alot of these problems. At this point I would think you'll be going back to your feeder job within a couple weeks. Vacations will be kicking in soon. And as if you haven't heard this before, "Hang in there"!!
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    If that was the case, the 05'-07' seniority covers laid off (Lowell ctr for instance) would be bumping 22.3s in the building - and that ain't happenin'! As you probably know there's loads of 05-08' 22.3s.

    They're taking half a paycheck and humping packages inside. I do not see the difference between a feeder laid off bumping and pkg laid off bumping if the wild card is seniority

    I personally have not heard of a single 22.3 bumped in CHEMA and I'm definitly in the loop on that stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong, obviously.
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    you have the right to bump any lower senority person driver,22.3, or iinside.if you are going to be laid off for an extended peroid of time you can bump any lower senoiorty person off his is called an a b c bid.
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    That is only for NE, per the NE supplement, and jacreage is not in NE.

    Furthermore, you are misunderstanding that language and misapplying it. that abc langauge is only retirement, termination or resignation language in Local 25. Job bid opens, someone bids it. They are "a" . That in turn opens another position, that becomes "b". Then "c" opens for bid. The 4th move is filled by employer.

    Any other temporary job vacancies by illness or injury are agreed upon by he local and UPS.

    Layoffs are a completely different animal my friend and do not fall under the abc langage. That's my understanding.
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    Who are you???? You know you know me! Never mind....!

    Maybe I'm wrong. I thought we had one guy bump 22.3, and he just got bumped..... Shoot, as I'm typing this I realize I am wrong. They bumped into the F/T inside jobs, not the 22.3.

    Good catch Sleeve! I hate posting wrong information, thanks for straightening me out!

    See you later at work!
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    go to page 181 he can displace any junoir person
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    You can also go to preload 4 hours and come back for the unload/load 4 hours, possibly! Many years ago we had lots of laid off feeders doing this.

    good luck.....this is one reason not to go to feeder unless you have many many years of company seniority!
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    You might still be right though.. most of the 22.3s are "inside F/T" except the hub/hub which are top driver rate. That might be what you are saying, the feeder bumped into the hub/hub not a 22.3. I'm definitly interested in this!

    Happy Friday!
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    You are reading the NE supplement? I dont have the contract in front of me.

    Again, This person is not in New england - they're in Florida, and that is the Southern Supplement? Different region, different rules.
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    i understand he is in florida but i doubt the language in their supplement is all that different concerning layoffs. i could be wrong but i was right about laid off or routes that are cut being able to do tha a b c bump up here.
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    In Local 177, laid off feeder drivers are all off the street hires. They have the option of displacing junior drivers elswhere in the local. About 30-35 drivers have been laid off in Parsippany, about 10 have been working in the Meadowlands, and 1 or 2 in Edison. This goes on a week by week basis. The other option is to displace 2 part timers in the hup, working the twilight and night sorts, or they can take a layoff.

    I've heard about 40 package car drivers have been laid off, again it varies. They also can work in the hub. I heard they did preload. I'm gonna assume thats true because stuff I've ordered lately hasn't been scanned "out for delivery". I don't know all the details, I'm a laid off feeder driver that's been working in the Meadowlands. Things may (or may not) get better in the next month or so when the full vacation list kicks in. Supposedly some of the laid off feeder drivers without enough seniority to displace were told they'd be in the hub until the snow flew. From my own observations volume seems to be way down, and I think things are gonna stay this way till Sept.

    I'd say the OP has to check his Local supplement to find out about his situation. I know I've talked to some drivers elsewhere and they've said they bump back to package. They're not off the street though.
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    Do you have full time shifters at your building? In the Southern Conference, you can displace the least senior full time seniority shifter, provided you have more overall full time seniority.