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    So half of the staff was essentially put into laid off status as of today. Basically the company was overstaffed the past 6 months (local sort) yet every time someone left they hired someone new. Anyone not in seniority is screwed and even some seniority members have to call in to see if they're working and that may only be a couple times a week. Did this happen to anyone else? Also am I still technically an active employee since I have to call in certain days to see if there is work? I am asking to for tuition reimbursement purposes or unemployment if it's the latter. Amazing that ups can't figure something as simple as staffing out lol.
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    Chances are people will be able to bump into other sorts/buildings before being laid off.

    If a new building was constructed which takes work away from the existing building then this is a guarantee and nobody with seniority should be getting laid off.

    This could be a scare tactic, might only last a few weeks, peak is just around the corner. I don't know very many buildings that can maintain a healthy workforce... ever.

    To answer that last question: on-call employees can still receive tuition reimbursement.
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    Are supervisors performing work?
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    Thanks for the info, basically from a management mindset they did what they have to do but at the same time they were put into the situation through bad decisions. We can bump into new positions as new positions open with the contract etc.. that's what I'm thinking. With peak coming up it's a temp thing. I am using the job mostly for education assistance so that's good news. Where did you find that in writing?
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    If they mentioned the word "contract" then they are just trying to scare you all into a yes vote, local sort is the most-easily staffed shift of all 4 sorts. try bumping or double shifting into preload and you will find out real quick their overstaffing problem is nothing but a bunch of :bsbullf:

    It feels like a tall tale: I just flipped through 100+ articles with the search term "laid off" and they are all low seniority/probationary drivers and post-seasonal employees. The idea that any one building could reduce their PT staffing in half with just 2 months before peak kicks in is ridiculous.
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    Make sure supervisors aren't working. File if they are.
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    Nice to see that the company is training now for peak season.