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  1. upser9110

    upser9110 UPSer9110

    I would like to know what year that the Vegas Hubs are currently taking from for Feeder. Can anyone assist? Where I am at (San Gabriel Hub).
    We are at 2001. Seems to the the industrial segment in Vegas is booming. My thoughts, are that there would be new runs opening up in Southern Nevada.
  2. fres431

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    08 09 in central ca by end of this year they'll be in the 10s for feeder 07 08 for package
  3. upser9110

    upser9110 UPSer9110

    The list has just came to a crawl. I was looking at going last year. They're only training 2-4 drivers at a time. I am sick and tired of scenic independent contractors come and get our trailers.
  4. Kreative444

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    last driver that got in in vegas was a 2000