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    Seen a few of these jokers running around with the magnets on the sides of their vehicles, delivering Amazon boxes. Looks like I'll get a first hand taste of how these guys operate as I'm getting an Amazon package from them tomorrow, presumably I'll need to sign for as it's an expensive piece of electronics. The tracking system leaves something to be desired (lack there of) and judging by a thread on Amazon, we'll be just fine if they continue their business model. Customer Discussions: Laser Ship
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    Older thread a very wise member started:

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    Doesn't your arm hurt when you pat yourself on the back?:wink2:
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    Keep in mind, RPS was kind of a joke early on. Also, people often complain they very rarely complement carriers. Think of what one of the "lasership" drivers indicated, he gets paid 1 dollar per package delivered. I'm willing to bet that is total compensation. Including fuel for his vehicle, his labor, his HW costs etc.
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    Nah never mind, too many of you are too young to remember. :sad-little:
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    I remember Gumby& Pokey !!

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    Is that spelled Gummy?

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    Gumby's is a pizza place here. I do remember the real thing though.
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    Isn't that an end range motion?
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    They didn't charge me extra for this but I ordered a pkg on amazon and it was on my doorstep in less than 8 hours.
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    Got my package yesterday, at 830. Needless to say I was still working when it was delivered.
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    The skechers I ordered for work just finally showed as "shipped" yesterday on Amazon (5 days after ordering them) and is listed as coming via this Lasership. It was supposedly picked up by Lasership yesterday and is supposedly going to be delivered on Monday. It is not like Amazon to take 5 days to ship something so I'm wondering if Lasership was given the package before then or if Amazon just sucked this time around. *shrug*
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    ‚ÄčAt least you can remember Pokey!
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    I have a lasership office on my route. It looks about 800 sq feet. When they get deliveries, Sha ne ne and the rest of her hood show up in their personal vehicles and block the damn parking lot while they load up in their trunks. No uniforms or nothin. I dont even see scanners. I deliver more Amazon in one day then will fit in one of their cars. I bet you get to pick out a discounted Coach bag from the trunk when you get a delivery. Don't worry, I'm sure it's real. :)
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    Sha ne ne, huh? Smells like racism in here. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me and the rest of the interwebz.
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    So um, it took me 9 days to get a lousy pair of shoes from Amazon via Lasership. Fail.
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    Sign up for prime my friend.
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    I should at least do that free trial of prime