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    today was my last day as a season peak employee and all they said was dont work monday we will call you about the rest of the week. idk what to think they were keeping 50% of there season help. how long does it take for them to tell you if they are keeping you. any help advice would be great thanks.
  2. Kraetos

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    Not really much advice to give. Either they keep you on, or they don't. The only thing that could really help you out is if you made friends with a part time supe and he or she puts in a good word for you. Other than that it depends on how valuable you are compared to the other peak season employees.

    If they don't let you stay on, wait a month and if you really want to work at UPS, apply again.
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    This year I read they are only keeping 30% of the peak help.
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    not 37% ??
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    sorry to say but it is probably time to move on with your life. Chances of them keeping any temp Christmas help is about ziltch--unless you have had a major snowstorm and are backlogged.:sad-little: