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    I am having late air alot in the last 2 years . My dispatcher is loading the wagon ! We leave hub around ( 9:20-9:35 ) every day ! I run straight air , good smart trace , and always have late air . Even the cover drivers on my bid route have late air . I have begged my 2 bosses , the dispatcher , but nothing changes . I even begged the district manager to help me one day . ( he helped ) . Its 15 miles to my 1 st air stop , the dispatcher sends me out with 8-11 air every day . I run 35-45 miles a day on just straight air . I was issued a warning letter last year , but I faught it and won . I had witness where I begged for help , left hub late , so my manager recalled that warning letter . Now today I had 9 air stops , 39 miles , left hub at 9:25 . We had to take a training test , then my diad locked up ( so we had to restart it ) then I finally got out of hub today . I told my boss to HURRY up in the meeting " I got alot of air " I told dispatcher 2 times I need air help ! ( he did not help ) Well I had late air today , and my boss said tonight " I'll see ya in the office in the morning " He said its MY job to come to HIM and HIM ONLY if I have to many air . ( NOT the dispatcher ) I guess he did not hear me in the meeting when I said hurry up . I have 2 witness that heard me yell I got alot of air hurry up !! Now what to do ? I will fight it to the bitter end , if he wants to write me up . I am doing the best I can . 9-11 air is just to many with 30-40 miles and leaving hub late. Any suggestions ???
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    Work as directed. Go to your manager, tell him you have too much air. Tell him once. Don't beg. Run just air. If it's late then it's on him. He will get tired of explaining why he has late air and fix it or he won't, not your problem at that point. If you need a witness get your shop steward to stand there when you tell him. That's one of my huge pet peeves when management knowingly over dispatches your air and then blames the driver when it's late even though you let them know.
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    Thanks , been there many times ( telling him " I WILL HAVE LATE AIR " ) . But the only problem is , if I get done at 10:20 , and they watch me , then next day he goes off and says " you could have gotten one more ." Its NEVER ENOUGH !! no mater what ya do ! My problem is how do I handle today ? I did say hurry up I got alot of air , but I do not go to him one on one , face to face . Can he FORCE me to start early ? Last time we had a battle about air , he made me leave early , 9:10 start time , and I was at work before 9:00 so I had to change start time to 9:00 and leave , still got last air off at 10 :30 . I told him he could NOT change my start time , HE said Have late air and see what happens to ya !! I guess if I have more than 7 air stops , I will go to him EVERY day and say , I could have late air ? This is just one of the reasons my hub is so negitive about UPS . I HATE MY JOB !!
    Cover driver on my route last week had 4 late in one day ( straight air ) . Week before that different cover driver running straight air had 3 late both on my route .
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    As long as you put the ball in their court you have nothing to worry about. The choice to start early or not is yours to make---I would do it but that certainly doesn't mean you have to. If you think that you may have late air go to your center manager and tell him. Keep in mind that you then must run straight air until the last one is delivered. If you try to run ground while doing your air and you end up with late airs the ball will be back in your court. Keep doing this until the problem is resolved.

    You should also keep in mind that with all of the technology at their disposal they can tell if you are running your air off in the most efficient manner possible.
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    I try to run BEST trace that I can , but my route is HUGE ( 140 miles a day ) 40 miles just on straight air . I never ever run ground with air . I guess I will fight today with center manager if he calls me in office , then from today on . I will go to him face to face and say I could have late air , every day forever :( . I guess me and the union steward will be in the office today , maybe not . we will see .
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    Don't take it so personally. If they are not diciplining you, it is not your problem, it's theirs.
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    I disagree to a point. It's obvious he takes pride in his work and takes care of his customers; however, if he is doing all that he can and mgt does not want to work to resolve the issue than I agree that it is their problem, not his, and that he shouldn't take it so personally.
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    I suggest you become one with logistics. Feel the logistics it's like yoga.
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    My route are my friends my buddies so I want to take care of them . Air on my route has been a problem for 2 yrs now. They cut out all the part time air drivers . When I give it my all , it gets depressing when you can not do your job . I have told my sup that it's not possible to leave hub at 9:35 and run 40 miles of air Most days he says not my problem . Sometimes he helps , sometimes not . It just sucks to be , Set up to fail every day
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    You complain about leaving at 9:35 because you can't get your air off. Your boss says start at 9 and you refuse. Sounds like you either are trying to pawn the work off on someone else or are just being a pain. Me and most drivers would kill to be allowed to leave earlier.
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    If this guys boss continues to tolerate late air he (the boss) needs to be shown the door.
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    No no I am told to leave at 9 :00 when he wants me to . If I leave at 9:00 every day I would be in trouble He wants me to stay and get my boxes coming down belt , so I can not leave early every day . I would leave at 8 :00 if it was up to me . So not trying to push work off on others . I am working as told
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    This company needs to rethink this leaving late crap. I leave at 9 and my route is 26 miles up the road. Fun when you have 15 plus air stops. Somehow Fedex ground gets to the same town at 8 and he has a longer drive.
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    Do you have a notebook or someway of keeping a diary of your daily activites as far as UPS is concerned? I always keep one. If you get pulled in the office, you have a reference that you can access vs just off the top of your head.
    You should be keeping all of this written down. Not that you do, but anyone with a target on their back should protect themselves this way. Always write down what happened during your day. Sober even developed a simple piece of paper that you can easily access throughout the day. It pretty much covers everything. I'm sure he would explain it if you asked. He's nice that way. :)
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    Okay did not get called to the the office he used me as the example to everyone he did not call my name out , he just said no one no one goes to dispatcher about any air problems , you come to me about. So got off the hook today . Only have 7 air today much better all in town
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    Man, settle down! Do what the man says. Tell him everyday you're going to have air problems.

    You care too much, you have to learn to stop that.

    As soon as you tell him, breathe a big sigh of relief. The problem is no longer yours. If they don't help you, deliver those airs late. Who cares? You shouldn't.
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    Yes , I need to stop caring ........................................
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    It is what it is.

    However, If your having issuses with a lot of late air I find it hard to believe someone in your building isn't doing something about since most of the late air is costing the company money. It also shows up one a report that the district manger and every other manger sees each day. Something doesn't add up.
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    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather. should never stop caring.
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    I told my boss to HURRY up in the meeting

    Now thats a way to get might not have to worry about the air....ever again.