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    ​Leaders of the largest Teamsters union local representing UPS Inc. workers urged the local's 9,300-member rank and file to reject a tentative five-year contract covering the company's small-package operations, calling the agreement "not worthy of ratification by the membership." The pact would cover 240,000 UPS small-package workers.

    The executive board of Teamster Local 89 also advised members working for UPS Freight, UPS's less-than-truckload unit, to reject its tentative five-year contract, saying it "doesn't meet the needs of the membership." The local represents 110 UPS Freight workers in Louisville, Ky.

    All 77 union stewards representing UPS's ground parcel, road feeder, and air divisions unanimously approved the decision to reject the small-package contract, the local said in a statement yesterday.

    The moves by the local are surprising because it strongly approved the 2008 collective-bargaining agreement with the Atlanta-based giant. They are also a slap in the face to the international union, which just 10 days ago reported on its website that leaders of union locals had unanimously approved the tentative contract, paving the way for voting to commence.

    Ballots are expected to be mailed at the end of May, with vote counting set for the third week of June, according to the union. UPS and the international union reached agreements at the end of April on the tentative contracts.

    Besides the small-package unit, the Teamsters represent another 10,000 to 12,000 UPS Freight employees. Combined, it is the largest collective-bargaining agreement in North America.

    UPS did not return a request for comment on the local's decisions.

    The Local 89 executive board represents workers at UPS's primary global air hub known as "Worldport." In another twist, the local said it is still bargaining with UPS over a special addendum to the master contract known as the "Louisville Air Rider." If the rider is rejected, the national agreement cannot be implemented until a compromise is reached and approved by the local's rank and file, according to Ken P, national organizer of dissident group Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) and a multidecade veteran of labor negotiations.

    Under the proposed agreement, full- and part-time workers in the parcel unit would get $3.90 per hour in wage increases over the contract's life. Hourly pay for UPS's starting part-time pre-loaders and sorters would rise to $11 from $8.50; all others would receive an increase to $10 an hour.

    UPS Freight workers would receive $2.50 per hour in wage hikes over the five-year period.

    However, leaders of the local said the raises in the proposed master contract for package workers fall below the level of increases called for in the current pact, which expires July 31. They also voiced concern that the tentative pact contained no pension increases for the first four years, and that a proposal to shift from a UPS health plan to a Teamster health plan jointly trusteed by UPS and the union "contains no solid information" on how the transition would occur.

    The executive board criticized proposed starting wage increases as "substandard" and charged that they "continued to subject our newest members to poverty."

    The executive board also took a dim view of the tentative UPS Freight contract, saying it fails to eliminate or reduce the practice of driver subcontracting that was one of the union's main grievances. UPS Freight subcontracts about half its driving work, according to union officials.

    The leaders slammed the creation of a separate "line-haul driver" division designed to reduce subcontracting, saying newly hired employees of the division would earn 20 cents less per mile than other members. They also criticized the $1.40-an-hour wage gap between full-timers working at the two operations.
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    Listen up RON H!

    You best do the same thing with 396!


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    Hahahahahaha!!!! Lmfao!!!!!
    Which ones did he negotiate?
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    Stink? You really do live up to your name.
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    It may be a loaded question, but a legitimate one. I'd be interested to know which contracts Paff has negotiated.
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    I, in particular, would like to know what it is about this contract that makes you feel so confident, that you would support it, in the face of the enormous number of members who oppose it? Lets leave out your local, and consider the rest of the country who has problems with the proposal.

    What in your mind qualifies this contract as good enough to ratify.

    Lets discuss this.


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    #1 People hate change. Beyond that, it's now 2013 not 1952. I think this contract gives a great deal of positives for all employees involved. Even the TDU guys in my building support the TA (surprisingly). I can understand people's health care concerns, but there is limited information on the exact plan of the 93 possible that will be implemented. In our local people were ready to kill because we were switching from Blue Cross to United. We heard everything just like is being posted on BC. "Its a crappy plan". "We are getting f*cked!" Not only is our United plan better than our old Blue Cross, but our local saved $5 million. I'm actually more curious of the people thinking "we got screwed", what a good contract would look like? And do they understand the financial effect on the company? I've addressed numerous times as to why we need and require vague language in a contract. Vague language protects us from a standard without deviation. I can go on and on. I and my other stewards have already implemented a 9.5 structure to address ALL new drivers. YES, ALL full time drivers (regardless of progression) can have relieve in some way.
    I don't have that much time to go over every change but, I like the contract. We here a lot of negativity on this site. Complainers gripe. People that like this deal won't go on here and post. It's just like work at UPS. How many customer complaints are in our system vs. customer compliments? Does it mean UPS sucks? Apparently that's not the case based on profitability.
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    I'll tell you a reason to vote no, and I don't want to name drop, but I'm going too.

    Steve Fisher our local BA and guy explaining the contract to our people here, has informed us that Local 959 (and could be other west coast members as well, I did not ask.) members working at UPS are NOT UNDER CENTRAL STATES. He stated to my face that we have no benefit package in place currently, and it is being discussed and worked out. He has insured me that our package will be comparable to the CS plan. I asked him when this will be finalized, he has said he believes in the October to November time frame.

    Meaning here at Local 959 we are going to vote on the contract with no benefit package in place because we will not be using the CS plan.

    This is bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. It's a mockery.

    I encourage a no vote. If you are a 959 member, attend the meetings today and express your concern. This is an embarrassment.
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    I saw a first today in my 38 year time as a member of the Teamster's union. In saw the president of my local stand up in front of the membership
    and recommend a no vote. It's all about the health care. Those of us with the UPS health care plan are not going to go quietly along. UPS has already made a concession.
    If you're already retired or retire by Dec.31 of this year you will grandfathered into the UPS plan at an increase of no more than $300 a month for the
    length of this contract. We got the numbers on the TEAMCARE plan and they just don't compare to the UPS plan. Any raise you get will be wiped out by
    the increase of your health care cost.
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    Stink you must be on a different insurance plan then this contract is offering the rest of the country. One simple thing to look at...look at the money UPS has made over the last couple of years during a recession. That is WITH them paying the health care we now have. End of story. This health care is the same as management was pushed into and if you ask any of them who are honest they will tell you how much it sucks. Why don't you accept this contract and we will fight to get ourselves a much, much better one. Hoffa and hall have got to be kidding. Are they going to have the same coverage they are offering us? Doubt it!!!!!
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    If they want us to accept this contract they better give us $1.50 raise each yr over the lifetime of the contract! Not this .70 cent crap
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    So, if ive read your post correctly, you dont have any idea what makes it acceptable.

    Bait and switch wont work with me. I asked you to specifically address the positives in the contract and you respond with talking points.

    GIVE ME SOME DETAILS, one by one that supports your position on this contract. On the other hand, if you are one of those guys who backs their local just because they give you a hat, a jacket, a briefcase or a watch, then please, just say so and save us the time wondering.


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    This is exactly right! Let me tell you a story about one of my drivers in my center. We will compare the difference between our current plan and the teamcare plan they want to dump us into.

    Our Driver has a wife and three kids. One of his teenage daughters a couple of months ago became seriously ill. They took her to the local hospital in town where she spent one night ( cost to driver $100.00) They transferred his daughter to childrens hospital where she spent 4 days undergoing testing and drugs.

    They determined after all the testing that she has Diabetes type 1 and would have to recieve and inject insulin shots.
    [h=2]Type 1 diabetes

    Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a form of diabetes mellitus that results from autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. The subsequent lack of insulin leads to increased blood and urine glucose. The classical symptoms are polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, and weight loss.

    The shots COST $1000.00 and will need this for the rest of her life. (current cost to our driver $5.00 a month or $60.00 for the year)

    The total OUT OF POCKET OUTLAY for our driver is $160.00 for the year.

    IF our driver was on the NEW TEAMCARE PLAN here's how it would have worked out. ( and STINK, I want YOU to tell us how this is better coverage )

    First, the first stay at the local hospital cost $3200.00 ( cost to our driver $200.00 deductible plus 20% or $840.00 out of pocket ) Then, transferring to Chldrens hospital and a 4 day stay with multiple testings cost $19586.00 ( the cost to our driver under TEAMCARE would be 20% $3917.20 )

    THEN, we have the prescription for insulin. Under UPS PLAN $5.00 UNDER TEAMCARE our driver has to pay not only the $200.00 deductible, but an ADDITIONAL $1000.00 for "INJECTABLE MAINTENANCE DRUGS".
    PLUS, each month, our driver would have to cover the $50.00 copay for the prescriptions ( cost to our driver $600.00 for year in copays)


    1) $840.00
    2) $3917.20
    3) $1200.00
    4) $600.00


    Now C'mon STINK, you seem like a reasonable guy, WHY would you VOTE YES, for something that could have a devastating effect on a fellow brothers family in this manner? Nobody knows when something catastrophic will happen to us or our families, and in this case, our driver was fortunate enough to have this happen while still on our UPS health plan.

    THIS IS A REAL STORY and this driver and wife will be out in front of the hub with posters with this breakdown talking to all UPS employees. WE need to understand just how devastating this new contract can be to a UPSers family. Something like this could land a family in BK court.

    Think about it STINK.


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    A signing bonus in lieu of raises beyond those already offered would also do the trick, although I personally believe the contract will pass as-is by a 2-1 margin.
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    What local you from oldman? What you are saying, I am hearing from others.
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    Also raises can and may be deverted to pay for health down the road.
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    The company will still be making contributions on your behalf. I am not disputing the gripes about insurance. Not at all. My issues of others saying it sucks are from all other avenues. Beyond the insurance, hall addressed all concerns and there is something for everyone. There is even a meeting scheduled to further define harassment. Look, not everyone will be voting yes, not everyone will vote no, but no matter what the outcome, can we agree that we stand up for each other? If it came down to it, my ass would be the first on the picker line for anyone.

    Who said me and Asskicker can't have a civil conversation?
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    Explain how much though. It's not ALL raises.
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    Stink, By you asking that question, it makes me wonder if YOU have read the TA. It's written right there in black and white for you if yo go read it.
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