Latino leaders protest at UPS Addison

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    Latino leaders protest at UPS Addison - Daily Herald
    Leaders of a Latino grass-roots organization in DuPage County are denouncing a United Parcel Service policy they say could cost many longtime workers their jobs.

    Cristobal Cavazos, coordinator of Immigrant Solidarity DuPage, called on UPS Thursday to "opt out" of a system to reverify workers' Social Security numbers.

    Cavazos said an estimated 200 workers at UPS facilities in Addison, Palatine, Chicago and Joliet fear they will be fired.
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    Well maybe if they were in the country legally they wouldn't have anything to worry about...........
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    This kind of non-sense liberal thinking is what is hurting the latino community. We should expect more accountabilty from ourselves. We've had this type of reasonong for too many decades. People, by breaking the law and coming here to the US ilegally will barring a comprehnsive immigration reform bill, bring hardship for these families because more often than not these folks will have US born children.