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    I am a former manager with UPS, I quit on 9/3 and am now considering filing a lawsuit, since they have refused to pay me anything for money earned while I still worked there. I have one month of pay they are refusing to honor, and I am going to consult my lawyer tomorrow to start filing. UPS is one of the most dishonest companies I have ever worked for, and frankly, how they stay in business blows my mind. Maybe it is just the part of the country where I worked, but I was actually told by district and division managers to find reasons to fire certain drivers! I now see how this company is actually run, and I for one will expose the people at least in this area for who they truly are. Our dispatch manager has told me that she has purposely altered GTS numbers so her DPS and DMS numbers are better, and she can still get a good "rate-n-rank," (this I can prove, and I did try to fire her, but since she was sleeping with my boss, it didn't happen, I can also prove that...with video.) people like her should be fired, along with half of the useless pt management that UPS employs. They do nothing except waste space and yell, at least here. I was a center manager for 5 years, the worst 5 years of my life. UPS has contributed to insomnia, alcholic intake, and even my divorce, each of these things I can prove as directly related to this useless company, I will one day soon be a majority stock owner once my lawyer gets the filings done.
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    Yeah, good luck with that.

    Post the video on youtube.
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    Hey buddy, take a number. No offense, but it's the same no matter where you go. In 7 short years and 3 operations, it's the same song and dance.

    Unfortunately , you must have lied and cheated the system too in your days, otherwise you wouldn't have lasted 5 years as center manager. That's how it is. Screamers, liars, and basically rampant narcissism prevails at UPS.

    I hope you are "Paid in full" and move on with your life and be happy and successful outside of UPS.
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    Although. I feel the same sarcasm as the other posters I do wish you luck if everything you have stated is true. Many of us think that this type of stuff goes on alot so when someone will speak up on it; it can't be a bad thing.
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    Good luck and give em hell. :wink2: You, at the very least, deserve the pay you earned.
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    In my many years with UPS , I have seen mgt eat their own ( & every body though they only picked only on hourlies ). Its a very nasty work environment for all. To succeed with in the mgt ranks, one has to be a bigger jerk then their own bosses, nice people never last long, and its always the laziest drivers who become on-car sups.
    So pom I know exactly where you are coming from & your anger towards UPS is justified ( basically you are doing exactly what they taught you to do ).
    I say good luck and remember there is life after UPS.
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    i have a question.

    with all the video and other proof you have, how did you find time to do the job you were paid to do?

    and of course the one that makes me think you are a troll instead of a center manager

    iv met some pretty delusional managers, but with a statement like that, your just plain nuts.

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    Funny stuff......UPS probably gets sued a 1000 times a day.
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    I'm with Govol on this one. Heard it all before...just post the video. NOT ON YOUTUBE.....ON MY ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!
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    well since ft managment are paid on the 26th of every month... how are they withholding a months pay? it would only be a week
    and in all honestly it probably would be more expensive to fight for a couple grand where you may end up loosing.
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    When you signed your separation papers, your benefits, last day worked, and accrued vacation should have been reviewed with you. And if it wasn't you should have asked the questions, unless of course, you just walked off the job and never returned.

    You seem like a angry individual both professionally and personally with all your issues. Sometimes, walking away from the triggers that caused you concern, is the healthiest decision you could have made.

    Good luck in your future endeavors. And keep in mind, if you choose to post anything on YouTube or MySpace it may be viewed by a potential employer.
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    Sorry this was a bad experience for you - I've had a few myself over the years.
    What I never understand is why people on the way out the door start firing bullets at others. If you had issues with others you worked with/for why didn't you address them while you were still here? It can't be because you were afraid of losing your job.
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    It's been my experience over the past 18 years that "most" members of management are nothing more than a complete cost to this company. They contribute nothing and generate zero revenue.
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    thats really not the attitude to have, let me guess ft driver?
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    Actually Cardboard-n-Asphalt is not too far off. While management should get some credit for trying to keep costs down they aren't out there drumming up business like a driver is expected to. All he said is that most of them generate zero revenue. :peaceful:
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    Sorry Bud...I don't buy it.
    People like to take shots at management and that's okay if it makes them feel can be therapeutic.
    However you don't sound remotely like a center manager and your rants do not make sense coming from someone at a center manager level, especially the P/T sups who you would have hired and promoted.
    Nice try though.
  18. drewed

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    No actually he said most management people are worthless, and in our district all ft management persons have to produce one producing sales lead a month. Granted its not 10,15, 20 whatever amount a driver may get but thats not their job, their job is to run the business: train, plan, follow up, etc. I could just as easily say the union protects worthless employees and lazy because they want to glide by on the bare minimum, but I dont because I know the majority of arent that way. No UPSer is more valuable then the next, without management no one would have jobs and without hourlies no one would have a job.
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    Please tell me your from chicago! Pm me we can meet and go over everyting you know!